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Job related stuff, plus ten unpopular fandom opinions
Bit late, I know, but I just wanted to say how grateful I was last week to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it really brightened my day (and reminded me once again that I should start mentioning something for other people)

I also had some issues at work. Trying to get it off my mind, not my problem, I didn't do anyything wrong, but I still keep feeling crappy about it.

I sent in my vacation requests back in march, or close to it. They always tell us to do so in time so there's plenty of time for our inspector to get replacements and job students in order and all that crap.

Naturally, then my inspector got replaced, but hey, it happens (not like it's the first time, this is like the fourth time since I've been working for the company, aka in six+ years time) And then before I can even talk to the new guy, he's leaving as well and also replaced... (don't even get me started on that one)

But the new inspector seemed OK, instantly lets me order stuff I need, seems approachable, wants to actually check up on my work. (yes I'm one of those rare people who's actually happy with an inspector that actually does their job in comparison to the kind of people that never even show up at your post and that you don't see until you've screwed up so bad that it's too late to fix stuff)

Now a few weeks ago, I start arranging things for my operation. One of the first thins I did was inform work, so that it wouldn't be a problem and they wouldn't find out about my going on sick leave at the very last moment. Trying to be considerate here and all that. And E tells me there's no problem, she gets I need the operation, they're all for it, bla bla bla... But, and this is the big one, asks me to try and arrange it so the operation slots right onto my vacation. Making it easier for them to keep the job student they'd slotted in to replace me during my vacation.

So while setting up dates, I ask the doctor for this, do what I can to speed things up so that indeed, my sick leave starts almost immediately after my regular vacation time. I once again call her up, to inform her of the date with a month of advance time, saying it's only a temporary date, aka still have to go through tests and talk to the shrink, but he was being helpful and setting me a date just in case nothing goes wrong, so I actually had something to inform my office of.

And she panicks, all 'there's already two people taking sick leave as well and oh my god you're gone all august and..." which duh, I did mention this the first time I came to inform you guys about the operation, this is hardly new information I'm giving you here.

And to make things worst, she messed up with my vacation time.

Three weeks ago, she asked me to confirm the dates of my vacation. So I sent her an email with the right dates, which you'd think should make it clear.

But nope, seems she only slotted me in for a week, instead of the two weeks I took.
(this btw is the company rule, not mine, I'd much rather take two separate weeks at separate occasions, preferably not in the same month. There's a reason I always try to spread out those two weeks over two months whenever possible, saves me on losing salary that month. (I'm not the best at keeping my vacation money aside until my actual vacation, so sue me)

There's actually a rule, it's even in the official leaflet with rules we get when we start working at the firm, that informs us that we're obligated to take at least two weeks of our vacation time in an uninterrupted time during July and August. Which is something she should be aware of. So really the shocked and surprised panicked reaction I got from her was well, surprising to me.

To the point that I didn't even dare ask about Monday the sixth. (just figured if my vacation runs till Friday, and the job student remains, which was the intention. And my sick leave starts up on Tuesday, then it ought to be easier for everyone if I took Monday off as well, right? Apparently not to the new inspector.

She was acting so panicked that I even offered to talk to the doctor and rearrange the dates, which honestly would be in her own disadvantage cause well July and August are basically the two easiest and cheapest months to find replacements for the staff. She said no, that she'd manage, but in such a way that she now has me feeling guilty. Even though I did nothing wrong, which is well... totally screwing things up in my head...

And then of course I accepted extra work several days in July to make things even harder on myself. Why am I such a sucker in regards to being unable to say no to extra hours. (money, such an cruel god to worship)

Anyway, to make myself feel better I figured I'd start a new meme*g*

Ten things I disagree on, in regards to popular opinion in fandom

1. In regards to BtVS, I do NOT like the ep 'the Body'. I know it's everyone's fave, that it's so deep and that Joss should have had an Emmy for it and all that crap. But the reality for me is that it doesn't make me cry. I feel it's overworked, somewhat stilted and lacks true emotional impact. In comparison, Forever makes me cry every single time. I'd much rather move directly from 'IWMTLY' to Forever without having to watch 'the Body'. The lack of Spike in said ep may or may not have something to do with that.

2. BTVS S4-S7 is where it's at. I find the first three seasons somewhat weak, and if asked, I'd much rather prefer watching the later seasons. The first three just aren't as memorable as the later ones.

3. I'm not interested in the future part of SPN ep 504, as in, at all. With the exception of the Walking Dead, I generally lack interest in post apocalypse worlds. (much more interested in recovery than in the fall of society) Am I really the only one who'd far prefer seeing fic dealing with what happens right before Dean is sent to the future, aka the religious fanatics that Zachariah set on Dean's tail, than I am in future Cas? Birds chirping. Just me then

4. I hate, despise and can't watch 'the French Mistake'. I don't go for comedy, I love the occasional joke, I love small moments of humor. What I utterly can not stand is people making fools of themselves and slap stick. And that ep is utterly full of both of those. I'm just not into farce or shadenfreude, I tend to put myself in their place too much for that.

5. I don't like Crowley. I think he's overused and I really wished they'd kept him dead in s6

6. I'm NOT into Derek/Stiles. Stiles isn't even my favorite character on Teen Wolf. I far prefer watching Scott and Allison. (yes, ducking the rotten tomatoes already) I won't mind reading Derek/Stiles if I have to, to get some Scott, but really I just love Scott.
Similar in Smallville, I only have a limited interest in Chloe and would by far prefer reading about Clark, so why is it so rare to find crossover fics with Smallville that have Clark as a major character?

7. Wesley Wyndham Pryce on Angel completely and utterly lost my interest in s3 of Angel. I loved the guy on Buffy, loved him when he was gaining competence on Angel. But then he went all broodboy jr and seemed to lose all ability to emote along with it. I do not like his acting at all. There I said it, still got that shield, hoping the flames wear off eventually

8. I love Continuum, it's a great show, why can't I find a com for it?

9. Nick is the most interesting character on Grimm. Monroe's fun, but I'd gladly sacrifice any screentime given to him, to get more of Nick, Juliette and Hank. I want to see more of those three.

10. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but Renard is not in my top three of fave Grimm characters. He's not even in my top five, and the mystery surrounding him, doesn't interest me nearly as much as the mystery about Nick's parents does.

So what are your unpopular fandom opinions?
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bogwitch From: bogwitch Date: July 1st, 2012 11:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
I can't stand The French Mistake either.
angela_stjoan From: angela_stjoan Date: July 1st, 2012 11:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think they should have ended SPN with season 5. After Sam hosts Lucifer and beats the crap out of Dean and gets sucked into the cage thingy, then Dean goes to live with Lisa and Ben - perfecting ending tbh. There was no reason to go any further than that.

Also, I don't get the Destiel pairing.

As for Smallville, my least favorite character was Clark. I felt he was one dimensional and it made me sad because I'm such a Superman fangirl.
lilacsigil From: lilacsigil Date: July 2nd, 2012 04:08 am (UTC) (Link)
I also stopped liking Wesley when he went all broody (with the exception of his interactions with Lilah Morgan and Faith.) The show had enough brooding already, and he got so whiny.
archbishopm From: archbishopm Date: July 2nd, 2012 07:41 am (UTC) (Link)
Totally behind you re Wesley and a lot fo the Buffy stuff, but got to draw the line at Crowley. Crowley roolz. :-p
frelling_tralk From: frelling_tralk Date: July 2nd, 2012 02:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
But then he went all broodboy jr and seemed to lose all ability to emote along with it. I do not like his acting at all.

On paper his arc is something I would usually love so I guess that I can sort of understand why his arc gets raved over so much, but yeah I never did emotionally connect with his character at that time. It never felt like he never experienced true remorse for the kidnap of Connor either, instead he got stuck on "I had my throat cut and all my friends abandoned me" and seemed to be more about pitying himself. Like when he returned Angel in Deep Down, urgh I don't really know how to explain it but he always seemed to come across as so put-upon when Fred said you don't really care any more and fandom would just eat it up, and it was like umm why don't you stay and try TALKING to them instead of playing the long-suffering martyr and slinking off.
jessm78 From: jessm78 Date: July 2nd, 2012 02:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
Totally agree with you on The French Mistake. I seriously thought I was the only one who felt that way about it. So many people were raving about it after it aired I almost thought "Do I have some major mental defect?" lol. It was almost like they were trying too hard with it. Like you said, some humor and light-hearted moments are good, but I felt like we were being hit over the head with an anvil.
sockmonkeyhere From: sockmonkeyhere Date: July 2nd, 2012 05:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like early-seasons EarnestGeekWes a lot more than later-seasons GrimStubbleWes, too. *flees with you*

Also, I thought "The Body" episode was ridiculous in that the ambulance team just drove off and left Buffy sitting there with her dead mother. Is it normal for an ambulance team to do that? They tell her that they've got to race off to another emergency -- but is Sunnydale that low on ambulances? Would an actual ambulance team abandon a teenager, who's clearly in shock, all alone in a house with the body of her dead mother whom she's just discovered? Wouldn't a real ambulance team load up both her and her mom in the ambulance and transport both to the hospital, and wouldn't they keep performing CPR on Joyce until they got her into the emergency room, where there was more and better equipment that might resuscitate her? This seems to me to be a case where Whedon just said "Screw logic and plausibility; it'll get in the way of my cool scene!" -- and it made him look completely stupid.
From: demonbrat_98 Date: July 2nd, 2012 07:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
The ambulance thing really bugged me in The Body. Paramedics are not qualified to declare someone dead - that takes a doctor. They should have loaded Joyce in the ambulance and taken her to the hospital for an official death declaration.
sockmonkeyhere From: sockmonkeyhere Date: July 4th, 2012 03:38 am (UTC) (Link)
I wonder if anyone has ever asked the Mutant Enemy writers what they thought of that weird paramedics thing? And on that same note, I'd also like to ask them about the AtS Season 5 episode "Damage", in which for some bizarre reason there's a bone saw just lying around in the storage closet of a psychiatric hospital. In the first place, surgery isn't performed in a psych ward; there'd be no reason for surgical equipment to be stored there. And in the second place, my understanding is that sharp objects of ANY kind are not allowed in a ward that houses violent patients; one of my friends who's a doctor told me that psych ward staff are often not even allowed to carry pens, as they could be grabbed by a patient and used to cause an injury. So unless the writers wanted us to assume that this hospital uses trepanning to treat mental illness, THE BONE SAW THING WAS DUMB. *flails*
90scartoonman From: 90scartoonman Date: July 7th, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
I loved "The Body", but I wouldn't call it a favorite episode. It gets me emotional, sure, and I appreciate it for the different way everyone reactions.

As for the second half of the series, I think season seven is severely underrated and may be the best season of the series. Not a huge fan of season six, though, but I kind of agree with your assessment.
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