Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Ten Fictional chars I'd do meme

Bit late, everyone else has already done it, but what the hell

Ten fictional chars that I'd do...

1.Spike (played by James Marsters on Buffy and Angel)
2.Peter Parker (comics and played by Toby Maguire in the movie versions)
3.Lex Luthor (Micheal Rosenbaum's performance makes Smallville watchable, not to mention, hot)
4.Sam Guthrie (X-men)
5.Scot Summers (X-men, comics version)
6.Loki (as played by Matt Damon in Dogma)
7.Gunn (played by J.August Richards on Angel)
8.Methos (Peter Wingfield on Highlander)
9.Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul on Highlander, but with short hair)
10.And for the sheer shallowness of it: The Groosalug (Angel), whoa momma

I do seem to have a thing for good guys, don't know, might be why I didn't fall for Spike till season five. Good guys and former bad guys on a path of redemption... it's a thing.

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