Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Looking for a Teen Wolf com

I don't easily hate people, but I'm really really starting to despise a certain person by the name of dreamofcoffee

Last year she posted a very spoilerish pic for a Teen Wolf ep on the teenwolffans com. Someone asked her to please put the pic under a cut and she didn't seem to realize that to do so would only be respectful. I jumped in and supported the request even though I'm not a spoilerphobe myself.

In her mind, if the picture was on tumblr then it was free to post out in the open with no thought of anyone elses desires to stay free of spoilers.

I tried to argue otherwise, but instead of behaving like a normal person would dreamofcoffee banned me and the other person who asked her to cut for spoilers, from posting to any of her posts.And then blamed me for starting a wank thing...

Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, not like I was remotely interested in friending someone or responding do someone with such a lack of respect for other people's feelings. But... she's the main poster on teenwolffans to the point that I pretty much can't respond to any post on the com, episode related, vids, or just about every single post lately.

Television without pity tends to be far too negative and nitpicky for my taste, so I'd love to find another com where I can actually comment, that doesn't have someone as childish and wanktastic as dreamofcoffee posting there

Anyone got any ideas?

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