Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just reviewed a fic, and I probably shouldn't have. Should have just ignored it and moved on, but... I guess I hit a moment of 'no more'

I hate charbashing, that's nothing new, so it shouldn't surprise anyone. Hell I can't even stand it when people bash characters that I despise myself.

But for me the worst kind of charbashing is in rpf.

It's weird, I've written fics with Jared or JDM as the bad guy. And I wouldn't call those charbashing, since it's just them playing the part of the bad guy. So why does it affect me so badly when someone writes a J2 fic, AU or otherwise, and has Jared talk about how he can't stand Gen for being clingy?

Somehow it just feels ... different.

I was going to just read on and ignore it, because well I love werewolf fics.

But then at the end of the first chapter they had Jensen call Danneel a whore. Not because she actually did anything wrong, but because she was interested in him. Never mind that in the fic, Jensen is the guy who behaves whorish by seducing women who are in a relationship and getting them to cheat on their boyfriends. Never mind that he probably ruined her life in the fic, cause hey... none of that is of course his fault. No he gets to call her a whore and we're supposed to be amused by it...

It's one thing to have Dean Winchester call Ruby a whore, or a bitch because well, she's a demon, she's evil and he seems to have a limited repertoire of insults were women are concerned. But when any version of Jensen or Jared uses those words against their real life wives, it just feels like it's the author's bias screaming through. And it pulls me right out of a fic that I'd normally like.

Also... I'm going to laugh at any fic that has a Jared over sixteen, called a runt. I've seen this in several fics recently and it's like... have you seen Jared? Yes he's grown since spn started, but he was hardly a runt even when he was on 'Gilmore girls'.

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