Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Weight issues

I went to the doctor last night. Kinda forced into it by my uncle.

Love the guy, but man, can he be demanding. (though admittedly I had been trying to delay any kind of doctor visit for the past two months or so)

He ended up making the appointment and even drove me there, joined me in the waiting room and then told the doctor the problem. (for some reason he felt that I wouldn't be as worried as he is, I have no idea why...)

Anyway, I've been suffering with my weight for a while, and it's always kind of showed in my legs. Uncle Herman was mostly really worried about that and my heart and well you know, crap like that, which isn't really an illness, so I'd feel kinda embarrassed wasting a doctor's time with it.

(money isn't really the problem here since of the 24€ I had to pay for the visit, I'm getting back over 20 as soon as I drop off the note at the ziekenfonds. (the big advantage of not having to worry about insurance for something as small as a simple check up.)

End result, the doctor wrote me a prescription for something to what's the word drive off water (which means I'll end up having to go to the toilet a lot while taking it) And I got another letter for a specialist that he's sending me to.

I still have to make an appointment since they don't take appointments until tuesday, but... if I pass the tests, including a psychological one, I'll probably end up getting a gastric bypass.

Thing is... the last few years, every time when I try to lose weight, I end up getting it back within months, only worse. I weigh over twenty kilo more now, than I did before my last longtime successful diet. It's not just that lately I can't seem to stick to a diet, it's that jojo effect that's bothering me, in that it keeps getting worse whenever I stop the diet.

Just not sure how I'll handle things with work. The doctor said that if I did get this operation, I'd have to take three weeks off of work after. Which I hate doing. Once again, money isn't the biggest problem, the doc said that the ziekenfonds should pay back at least some of the money and I do have a klinipolis which should help. Also when sick, you get paid sick leave once again with help of the ziekenfonds. I just hate taking sick leave, esp. for something like this. Not sure if I could get the doc to set the operation during my vacation though, or you know get work to rearrange my vacation, since they've probably already started arranging job students for summer.

Either way, I really hope this will hep, my aunt and uncle at least wants to make sure I'm healthy, as annoying as their motherhenning can be.

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