Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fusion fusion, I don't want no fucking fusion.

I'll start this of with the warning that this is a rant, there's no place for logics in this, so please don't start telling me that everyone has a right to write what they want to write, rather than what I want them to write, because I already know, k?

Now I loved the Hunger Games books, let's get that clear from the start. My favorite of the three is the third, but the first one was ok. But and here's my problem... whenever I see a crossover between Hunger Games, and well you can pretty much name any and all series, books, movies, whatever that the books get crossed with and they've almost all got one thing in common. They're all fusions, and more importantly, they're fusions with the first book.

Now I know that the Hunger Games is set in the future, so yes, there might be some difficulty in creating interaction, but honestly, if Firefly fandom can do it, why can't the Hunger Games?

See the problem is, I've already read the first book, I have read the actual book three a four times. I've also seen about a thousand if not more fics that redo the first book, only with their own oc's.

Another thing the majority of HG fusions have in common, is that most of the time, the story focuses on male characters. Where the book was special, because it had a strong female lead characters, most of these fusions take the easy way out and at most barely even mention the female tributes.

And those few HG crossovers that aren't fusions, still for some reason seem to stick all the characters in the games...why?

Why aren't there fics that deal with say, an angel taking the Winchesters to the future where they have to help out in the battle against the Capitol, and they end up running into a girl who may very well be the descendant of one of them.

Why not write a fic about Finnick surviving, because he somehow ended up in the past, and see how he deals with modern times. And if you're going to do a fusion, for some weird reason, why not have white collar thief Finnick, who likes to steal industrial secrets, get collared by FBI agent Katniss Everdeen and her beloved husband and artist Peeta Mellark, and become her CI, aiding her in taking down white collar criminals...
(and yes now I really do want to see that fusion*eg*)

I mean, the Hunger Games has such strong characters, that I always find it a total pity to see them just thrown aside, just so they can repeat the story of the books, you know, only with guys.

Also, there was a prompt on the kink meme that really really annoyed me. Not in a way of 'that's something the mods should do something about', but in the far more annoying way of 'why would you even want that.'

As in, Mulan is all about a girl stepping out of the gender roles forced on her by society, so why in gods name would you want someone to write a spn fusion with mulan, only with Mulan replaced by Cas, a male Cas..

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