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Spikeficathon fic: Harm's will be done

Title: Harm's will be done
Author: Lore
Rating: NC17
Summary: Harmony does a spell to get over her broken heart
Pairing: B/S, S/Aus
Notes: Betaed by Rowanheart and Mari, written for Sunlit5

So what kind of story do you want to hear? What's your taste for the night? Should it be a bedtime tale full of wicked splendor, or do you prefer one of real time woes?

Sure, sit down, get comfortable. Now, now, no need to grab weapons, I'm just sitting down, right here...


My little story happened not too long ago, in this fair city we like to call LA, the city of Angels . And it talks of a few very distinct citizens of that booming metropolis. Like most interesting tales of its kind, it all started with a girl. Well a dead girl, but what else is new...

Our hero's name is Harmony. Harm, a more appropriate name you've never heard.

Harmony. Harmony, poor, poor Harmony. Abandoned by men, falsely accused, and used for sex by the vampire she loved. The poor kid felt thrown away like yesterday's garbage. So of course, what was she to do but grab for the black arts?

Of course, fool that she is, she didn't have a clue what she was doing, and me, being the kind and helpful demon that I am, how could I not assist her with a little power boost....


Harmony sat down, surrounded by a circle of scented candles. The book asked for white or black ones, but those were sooooo last year. And who really cared right? What she'd found didn't look one bit like your average self help meditation exercise; but it had seemed so promising when that nice blue demon in the bar had given it to her. She reread her cheat notes one last time, checking the words off one by one.

"From this eve forth my will be done."

For a few seconds nothing seemed to happen. Harmony grabbed her stuffed unicorn to her chest, she wanted to cry, but it would ruin her eye shadow. She put the unicorn on the floor, straightened her skirt, it itched. When did anything ever...
A sudden burst of wind rushed through the room, lighting up the circle of fire around her, before extinguishing it in one quick burst.

Everything suddenly felt a lot better, as if all her troubles would soon be gone.

She carefully placed the unicorn in her bag and headed of to her desk, ready to leave, just as she slammed into Angel. The older vampire scowled. What a surprise. Did he have any other looks. Harmony took a deep breath and straightened up, she hadn't done anything wrong, her work was finished and if anything, she had to make a good impression. This was the boss after all. His frown deepened. Was that even possible? She had to say something

"I'm sorry. But you don't know half about how hard it is to be good when you don't have a soul. You try it and see how easy you'd have it..."

She clenched her hands in fists, careful for her nails, staring back one last time before she left. There was a grin on his face and he was laughing.

He just stood there.
"Oh I will."
She could feel shivers rising up her spine.


Fred liked to think of herself as a sweet Texan lass with lots of patience. She was nice to people, really. But Harmony was testing her endurance more than anyone before her ever had. The vampire had been yammering behind her back, desperate to apologize for the past twenty minutes, Fred was sure of the time, she'd checked the watch. It was rather annoying since she'd been trying to work on the hybrid gun that she'd been building with Knox. The stage it was in required a lot of precision work and shouldn't be interrupted, at all. Fred was just about ready to turn around and fire the gun at the vampire, just to check if it worked.

"You're my only friend."
And there was the reason why she didn't. Fred knew what it was like to feel alone, and she hated being a snob, looking down on people. She moaned softly, hoping that Harmony wouldn't take it the wrong way. Harmony was sobbing by now and Fred couldn't find it in her to be harsh while the vampire was crying.

"It's okay. Shhhhh."
She let Harmony cry out over her shoulder, patting her back until Harmony finally let her get out of her hold. Fred offered her one of the clinical wipes she had at ready and winced as Harmony grabbed a second one to blow her nose.

"What about Spike, I thought you liked him?"

"Spike, Spike... He doesn't care about me. All he cares about is Buffy. Buffy this, Buffy that. I hope him and that tramp slayer of his get real happy together."


Spike grumbled as sleep left him. He'd had a nice dream of him and Buffy in his old crypt. That time they'd ended up under the carpet. She'd bitten his back, nibbling up to his neck until he moaned her name in release. He'd woken up just as she'd opened her mouth, ready to say the words she'd never said in real life. It hit him like a cold shower, knowing that she never would, not when she actually meant them.

No this was the real world, life without Buffy. Everything seemed so cold and colorless without her in it to brighten his day. It was then that he noticed her. A girl that was hogging the covers as if she belonged there. Bed, what bed? He hadn't gotten that drunk, had he?

He groaned, making every effort not to look at the body next to his, begging the gods above and below that it wasn't Harmony, anyone but that bint. He rushed up and made a grab for his pants; no, he was still in the same motel room he'd fallen asleep in just before dawn so who?

Blond hair, tiny...
Guess he knew why he'd picked her.

She moaned, God, even her moans sounded like Buffy's. He still didn't dare look at her; it'd just break the illusion. For one second he dared to hope that it had all been a bad dream, that he'd turn around and it'd be Buffy lying next to him. He quickly squashed that before he got disappointed again. The sheets rustled as she got up. He missed her, missed her tantrums, missed her fists, her lips, he missed the way she looked at him, he even missed that look in her eyes when he'd somehow disappointed her, as if she even expected anything from him. It just urged him to do better the next time.

"Spike?" It couldn't be, it couldn't, couldn't....
"Are you real?"

He turned around as if in slow motion, terrified that if he did, she'd vanish like every other dream he'd had of her.

And there she was, looking at him with wonder in her eyes.


She jumped him before he could say another word. Her lips were as hot as ever.


Angelus slouched down on his couch, his feet firmly planted on the coffee table in front of him. The one the soul wouldn't even put a drink on without a cup holder because it was too expensive. He was waiting for one of the interns to enter his office. He'd just called her up, picked her name out of a list on his laptop; she'd dropped everything to hurry over. He really liked this place.

Nice luxurious office, few works of art that could do with some improvement, but it'd do for now. And most of all, dozens of bodies, just ready to have fun with; jumping at the chance to do whatever he told them to. They'd be ready to scream for him on a mere command. Several would gladly spread their legs for him; until they found out he wasn't planning to stop...
A bit too easy maybe.
For once his souled self hadn't messed things up too bad, getting rid of the brat, whom he still needed to kill, taking over evil incorporated. Oh yeah, he might even kill his dear old friends quickly, instead of dragging it out....

The only problem being, the instant any of the gang figured out about his new status as unleashed, they'd be screaming for the witch over in Rio and they'd stick him back in the do-gooder bit. He wasn't sure whether he should thank whoever did this to him or kill them. Maybe he'd do both.

Ah there she was. She seemed fresh, innocent. He wondered how much innocence she could possibly still have left, working for Wolfram and Heart. Dark brown eyes just begging to be...
Could he...
She'd be so easy.

Hell, he could just eat Eve and get it over with. Finally, ask the Senior Partners for a new liaison or ignore them all together. He didn't like to have his ropes yanked by them to begin with. The girl, Rosa, handed him the file he'd asked for. He leaned up towards her, pretending to go for the file, grabbing her hand instead, pulling her closer. She smelled like raspberries. Her breathing intensified, fear or arousal, he wasn't sure which of the two it was. In this place you never knew for sure. So many professional liars in this place. Hmm, how do you call a body full of dead lawyers?
A good start....

He let go and she left, her heart still pumping. She practically ran from him. He followed up to the door, allowing them all a good look at him as he came out of the office, eyeing every single one of them. They were evil and they worked for him. He could have any of them, any one he picked. Ready and willing...


The ditz jumped up from behind her desk, dropping the magazine she'd been reading. Would it be worth it to kill her, or would the next one Wes gave him be just as bad. It couldn't really get much worse, now could it?
It's not like anyone would care if he staked her, got rid of her, took her on the floor up in his own penthouse, ripped her clothes off, fucked her... Up there no one would hear her scream.

"Yes boss."

Strangle her, oh right, vampire, no need to breath. Crucify her, fuck her to the wall. She was still yammering. Like his pest of a fledgling that was still running around in his city, on his own, all souled up now. How would the peroxide menace care to be hung up to the ceiling, chest naked, hot pokers stuck through him at random...?
"Harmony just shut up already."

"I'm sorry. Geez Boss, you really need to relax, get in tune with your feelings. Spread the love and all that."

And he really needed to find Spike and tell him he loved him.



Buffy couldn't stop touching Spike's chest. Even now after hours of sex she still didn't quite believe that she wasn't dreaming. That he was really there. She poked him again; he grabbed her hand, nibbling on it for a second. She pulled him closer; he let his head sag down on her breasts. Neither of them knew how they'd gotten together like this, but both were too worried of ending the dream to say a word to question their reality. She knew Spike was close to dozing off and she could hear him purring as he lay there. It rumbled through him, so vibrant, she'd never known a man more alive than this undead thing Giles would want her to forget about. She leaned over and placed a kiss on his forehead. His platinum curls, unrestrained by the gel that normally flattened them to his head. How had she ever been able to refuse him?
"I love you."
He turned up toward her, so amazed by those three little words, she couldn't stop herself...
"I love you."
She kissed him again, repeating the words over and over as she gazed up at him. He leaned over her now, supporting himself on his hands
"I love you."
He silenced her with a kiss. She returned it, holding on to him, knowing she wanted more.

"Hold me," his whispered words sounded like a prayer. She did, pulling him closer, into her. His body was fresh, room temperature she remembered, she could heat him up if she wanted to.

"I'll never let you go." She could feel him all over her, her skin tickling with every touch. Happiness flooded through them as they connected once again.

"I love you." she whispered, she didn't want to go to sleep. If she did he might not be there when she woke up. But she couldn't stop it, she was so tired, oh so tired. "I love you, I do."

A simple, "I know", was his only answer.


Hmmm, the cold steel of the bars didn't move an inch as he pulled on them. They'd do. So would the chains he'd bound to the wall. Strong enough to hold a werewolf in rage, or a fiery child if he refused to listen to reason. Angelus couldn't help placing a soft kiss on the harsh metal, just to get the feel of it. The pleasure of touch. He'd managed to leave a trace of rose petals from the door to the chains. Everything ready for his boy.
Just in case of course...

"Is something wrong Wes?"

The watcher smelled of unresolved desire, mixed with the scent of parchment and gunpowder. On another day, it might have aroused him, but not now, not while his boy was out there. Oh he still might throw the watcher on the cot in the corner, push him in the mattress and stiffen his breath till right before the human stopped breathing. Old Wes might even enjoy it. It's not like he hadn't wanted Angel to do so since the first day they met. Wesley was just waiting to be made someone's bitch. Angelus could almost see giving him what he wanted. The problem was that if he did turn him, the watcher would probably become more dangerous than he already was. There was a cold steel beneath the surface there, harsh unrelented need and he wasn't sure if he was up to the challenge of breaking it.
And if he did, would he like the result? He wasn't sure, might be better to just make him scream and kill him afterwards.

He'd learned his lesson with years of experience. William had been so soft. A wee momma's boy, talking of love and destiny. He'd pretended to toughen up and Angelus had loved breaking him, had loved taking him; just to show him how frail his illusions really were. He'd loved to take the clay left over and molded it into a creature of fierce insanity. To take all that passion and lead it into destruction. A work of art, his boy.

But see, he'd never been broken. Not William, he was like straw, bending with the wind, going where it told him too, yet deep down, still the same, still the poet and still the innocent beneath the carnage. He'd always been strangely attracted to that, to the pure, to the innocent. It left him with an urge to corrupt, to take it in vain till it was no more and he could throw it away like last day's meal. It's one of the things he loved about William and Drusilla, like true works of art they lasted. No matter how hard he'd fought at corrupting them, they still held that last lingering innocence that he could never hope to get rid of.

"No... I was just wondering if you'd seen Eve. Last I saw of her she was talking to Harmony."

"Did she eat her? I might give her a bonus if she did?"
Wes smiled, so accustomed to deal with vampires that even that became funny to him. Would the watcher still laugh if he took him as dinner?

"No, but I heard her mention something about going to hell... I wonder if Eve took her up on that."


Spike was on the edge of the bed, watching as Buffy got dressed in the bathroom. She hadn't even considered closing the door. As if there was anything of her that he hadn't either seen or tasted, left. He went hard as the smell of vanilla reached him even across the room, imagined it was his hands that pulled down the shirt he'd lent her. A shirt a pair of pants, it was all the spare clothing he had gotten his hands on. He didn't mind giving it up to her. Just the thought of his scent clinging to the clothes she was wearing....

Her hands moved the shirt, dragging it all the way down. Her lithe fingers slipping on her skin. He got up to her, leaned over her shoulder as they stared at the single image reflected in the mirror. Buffy, alone.
He covered her body in his coat, she nearly drowned in it. She leaned back, supporting herself against him, caressing his chin right before she turned around and kissed him, refusing to let go.
She was gorgeous, dressed up like the big bad. Lethal weapon covered in leather.

Would it be so bad to stay? To delay the search for whomever or whatever had brought her here. With any luck, all they'd have to do was thank whoever was responsible and get back to the bed. He didn't think she had it in her for more, but she did. This time it was her watching him as he walked over to the other side of the room. He moved slowly, giving her a bit of a show as he leaned over to his bag, grabbing his shirt and trousers.

"So where are we going?"
She turned away from him, facing the mirror.

"Wolfram and Heart. Angel's office."
She didn't even look up at the name, but he could hear her halt a breath even as his voice was barely understandable under the cloth he was pulling over his head. He didn't like the idea of going to Angel for help, but it was their best hope for answers.
"Fred and Percy are the experts in these kinds of things."

"Percy? I don't think..." He loved the confused look on her face as she tried to go through her memories of Angel's friends and came up blank.

"The watcher. The nonce, Angel's..."

"Wesley? I guess he might know something."
She seemed to have as little confidence in the prat as he did. She never ceased surprising him, who she trusted, whom she didn't. She grabbed on to him again
"I don't want to leave." she said right before throwing him to the wall. He didn't bother to even pretend a protest; joining her in the kiss as if their lives depended on it.


Harmony just stood there, panting. Out of air even though she didn't need it to begin with. Old habits were hard to get rid off.
It's not like she'd meant for it to happen. Just ...she quickly bit her lip, slamming her hands to her mouth trying to stop the words, any words. Eve had taken one look at her transcription for a meeting and had shredded it, telling her it was a useless waste of paper. An hour of work, meticulous typing, checking over, typing anew and the bitch had destroyed it just because she hadn't understood that the demon's clicking had been their language. She'd been so angry, angry enough to lash out and tell Eve to go to hell. The next thing she knew, fiery hands crawled out of the floor, not even cracking the carpet, but creeping out of it as if through slime. Eve had screamed and screamed as they dragged her down.
She had to get to Fred. Oh God this was going to get her fired for sure.


She stopped in her tracks, staring at Gunn as he came up to her with a set of folders.
"Did you get those quotes through to acquisitions?"
She quickly nodded her head, desperate not to say a word.
"All right. And Harmony," he seemed to struggle to find something more to say, "Nice coat."

"It is, isn't it." she couldn't help but reply. "Pink is just such a great color, even you would look great in it."

And right before her eyes the fine dressed lawyer had his clothes turn into a frilly pink dress coat and pants.
Harmony stared at him with mouth wide open. She'd been right though, the pink did look good on him. Gunn seemed too stunned to respond and she took the chance to run off. He was going to kill her for this. Where was Fred when you needed her?

She really had to do something about this, before she did something really... really...
She stared right at Spike and the skank, well Slayer. Spike looked gorgeous as ever, but his smile was turned at the Slayer instead of her. Lighting up the room feet away from her. How had she gotten here? Wearing his clothes, clearly stinking from sex. Happy to...

Oh god no. She could hit herself. She should have told him to be happy with her darn it. Spike was her blondiebear.
Stupid boyfriend thief bitch and they were coming right at her. And oh shit.


Angelus could feel his boy's proximity. It was like an itch that started somewhere under the skin of his neck and spread downwards from there, something he couldn't scratch till he found the right hole to rub it in. Like Cinderella looking for the right man to fuck. To grab him and push him down, if he'd been alone.
Only ...he wasn't.

Buffy, even the sight of her next to his boy was enough to make him want to tear her head off. She had no rights to mess with what was his.
The Slayerbitch hesitated for a second when she saw him heading their way. Spike froze and she grabbed his hand, pulling him in and taking hold of him, daring to shove her theft in his face. Spike held on to her as if for dear life. As if he worried losing her. The boy shouldn't worry; all that he cared about was his kin and how that bitch dared to take his offspring away from him.

Such a precious sight, so gorgeous in his intensity, it almost made him run for his paintbrushes. He could smell Buffy's stench all over the boy. He would kill her, cut her to pieces and send them to Spike as an early valentine. Spike stood firm facing him, holding his place as they crossed eyes. Angelus wondered how many new bruises Spike's body could hold, how many new cuts, how many new hurts and most of all, he wondered if his boy's skin still colored as beautifully as it had done in the past.

Buffy flinched under his gaze and he wondered what she saw when she looked at him, if she still saw the weakling he'd been when they'd last been together. The souled one was too much of a fool hurting for his Cordelia, who couldn’t even turn down a quick walk in memory lane, all the while knowing his childe stood in the shadows, watching them at it. The boy hurt so easily. It was pure and simple punishment for touching his sire's property without permission.

He hadn’t even known then that his boy was already hurting, tortured by his soul, the blasted thing clinging to him like the parasite it was. But he’d cure Spike of that, all he had to do was find out what had made him loose his. The mere thought of it put a twinkle in his eyes, a whistle in his voice. He barely noticed when Lorne passed by, though he could feel the Pylean's glare in his back.


She could see it in him, anger and resentment seething under his skin. Buffy couldn't help but flinch under his gaze, it made her want to run for the hills, pretend nothing was going on, but she knew now that she had no choice. She had to let him know that she was with Spike now, no matter how much she wanted to protect her former lover's feelings. Was he still suffering from that same jealousy? Acting like a twelve year old? Even a couple of months didn't seem to have improved any of that.

She let a burst of anger rush behind the word. He’d known that Spike was alive and hadn’t even bothered to let her know. Why was it that he still thought of her as a kid, someone that had to be protected from her own decisions?

"Buffy." He answered with hate in his voice. Something broke inside of her, knowing she was the subject of it. It only increased her own anger, what right; if any, did he have to be jealous, just because she'd chosen Spike over him? They hadn't been together for years; he hadn't been there for her when she'd needed him so why did he think he had a right to this...
"Why are you here?"

"That's what we're trying to find out you shit for brains."

Angel's shoulders tensed up, Spike let go of her for a second, the both of them facing off like a pair of cocks. Glaring, facing off, they weren't even close, yet looked as if they were mere inches apart.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, one moment I'm in my bed in Rome , the next I'm with Spike... Not that I'm complaining."
Spike stopped being an idiot for a second and just held her. It was nice to have someone want to show you off, but even better if he knew she wasn't just some prize to hold over Angel's head. After months of watcher envy, staring at her like some sort of honor assignment, she'd gotten tired of being a trophy. She could forgive him though, considering their history, she couldn't really blame Spike. For now.

"As in one poof and you were there?"
They all turned at the same time and Buffy struggled to keep from laughing.

Spike of course didn't even bother.
"New fashion statement Charlie boy?"
It got him a severe glare from the oddly dressed former street kid, current-day lawyer. The big man seemed to shrink just knowing he was seen like this.

The big black man was dressed all in pink, pink hot pants, a frilly pink shirt, and pink shoes. It almost matched the blush on his face.
"Oh don't start. I don't know what happened, one moment I'm talking to Harmony, the next my fine Armani threads have vanished, switched to this bunch of rags."

Angel seemed to realize something.

Spike was turning around, looking for the vampire, but what could she possibly be doing here, if this was Angel's office. Suddenly Buffy noticed her as she tried to shuffle out of the way.


Buffy didn't have a clue what the blond vampire was doing here in the first place, but she was sure as hell that she'd never ever seen the former cheerleader run that fast.


Harmony was hiding in a cupboard. It wouldn't help of course, but she still tried. She sat in the dark, trying to be still, hoping the Slayer wouldn't find her. This was so unfair. She was innocent, but the Slayer wouldn't care. Buffy was always looking for a way to get her. They weren't even archnemesises anymore. And worst of all, due to her stupid mouth, her little blondiebear would be helping that bitch...

That was an idea, if she just said that Spike had to forget all about Buffy and be with her then...
The door slammed open before she got a single word out. Angel was standing there, looking down on her.
"Boss I..." A hand slapped on her face before she could say another word.

"Now be a good little girl and keep your lips together."
Harmony quickly nodded, feeling the boss' arms around her neck, it hurt, but she didn't dare to tell him that.
"You're going to do me a little favor."

The boss was not supposed to be this scary. Was he?


Fred almost choked when she saw him. She had to turn around as Charles tried to wriggle into one of Knox's spare shirts. Unfortunately for him, the second he put it on, it turned into a tight pink top, leaving his belly in plain sight.

"Fred, please, do something."

Between giggles, she grabbed the frilly shirt that Charles had dropped; it turned into a normal white shirt before her eyes. It seemed the effect lasted only as long as the clothes stayed in touch with Charles' skin.

"I still don't get how Charlie's new dress sense has anything to do with Buffy being here."

"I don't know Spike. Then again, Harmony said something about you and Buffy being happy together."

"And she told me I'd look great in pink." Charles interrupted.

"Did you hear her say anything else?"
Fred looked at the girl with the odd name and smiled at both her and Spike, the two of them seemed unable to let go of the other. She'd rarely seen him this happy.

"A lot of apologizing, but other than that..."

"So all we have to do is to stop the stupid bint from yammering. Once we do that, everything will be allright."

"For you maybe, I wasn't exactly planning to star in Pretty in Pink."

Buffy seemed to be thinking, it showed in her frown lines.
"I remember this. Willow did this, a few years ago."

"When we almost got married?"

"That part was nice."
And to think it had been a horror in those simpler days.
"Guess we always get the fun part of the spell, all Giles got was to lose his sight and poor Xander became a demon magnet."

He let loose that infuriating grin, sitting down on Fred's desk, his legs wide open. It only made her love him all over again.
"It's karma luv. Whatever gods run this useless speck of dirt, bloody well owe me."

"They owe you?" Buffy stared at him, not fully understanding.

"You know, for all the rotten luck they tend to throw at me."

Fred was starting to get confused; she did remember a similar event though; Lorne trying to get rid of his sleep and telling her and Wesley to get drunk. Why did this kind of spell tend to end up being rather funny instead of scary? Probably because scary was just a corner away...
They had to stop Harmony, before she said something really bad.

Then Spike's eyes lit up, having him drop on the floor.


Her mouth hurt, she didn't want him to hurt her again, it hurt.
"I want Spike to lose his soul."

He stepped back, finally. Harmony cowered away in the corner; her hair a mess of loose strands, her make up flooded over her face, mixed with her tears.
"Can I go now, please?"

Angel sat down behind his desk, staring down at her like a king on his throne, smiling. For the first time Harmony worried that what he could do to her would be worse than getting fired. This wasn't the champion of the people, this was a master vampire, a real master and those weren't known for their good supervisor reputation.
"Please boss." She had to try begging, anything. Hell even sex if it gave her another night. She was too young to be dust.

"Come here." Cold, evil. Spike, even at his worst, had never sounded this scary.
She tried to crawl back against the wall, but he was there, quick as ever and grabbed her hair, dragging her up.
"I should just kill you. Stop you from getting anything else out of your mouth, before you mess everything up again."
And she knew he'd do it, he'd kill her like earlier that day he'd killed Eli for murdering virgins. Only this time, there'd be no excuse of doing the right thing, and on top of that, it'd probably hurt.

Being a vampire plain out sucked.
So when he pushed her head down and opened his zipper, that's just what she did, how else was a girl supposed to get out of this with her unlife intact? She barely responded when he pushed her away, throwing her against the ground.

"Welcome home Spike."

Spike stood there in the door, slouching against the doorjamb. One leg out from under his cool black coat, licking a last drop of blood from his lips.


There was his boy: golden and dark, pure and drenched in blood, as he was meant to be; at that moment, Angelus wanted nothing more than to take him then and there, make him forget the Slayer. Spike seemed to hesitate a second before entering the room. Angelus didn't even care as Harmony grabbed the chance to make a run for it. Good riddance.

"I've missed you, my William," the elder vampire's voice came out a dark, husky purr, laced with frustrated desire.

Angelus was proud as his childe recognized him for who he was, finally.
"Come; let me get that bitch's stink off of you..." He took a step towards the younger male.

His boy took another step, closer. Angelus grabbed him. He pulled him in ever closer, his kiss so strong that it might have killed a human through lack of breath. After a few moments, Spike drew back. "Need you..." The smaller man panted. "Need your cock in my mouth..."

Hearing the blunt words trickling from his grandchilde's mouth nearly made him explode then and there. He tugged at the younger vampire's coat, dragging it down over his lean frame. The dark leather came down, hitting the floor hard. His boy was still overdressed for this.
He let out a low hiss as Spike's nails dragged over his shirt, shredding it and drawing white lines in his skin.
"I love it when you play rough right back boy."

"That's how we like it best," amber eyes flashed. "Like animals." There was a hint of sadness in Spike's voice as he said those words.

"But can animals do ... this?" Angelus hissed in his boy's ear, as he grabbed hold of Spike's cock through the thick layer of his jeans, he ripped off the fabric and noticing all too gladly that Spike still didn't wear any underwear. His fangs plunged into ivory flesh, seeking out a blood vessel as Spike jerked, gasping loudly and grinding into him. Desperate hands clutched at the remains of clothes and tore them apart, leaving both pale and golden skin bare.

"Remove your shoes, now." Spike bowed down, his ass lifting in the air as he did so. Angelus placed his hands on his boy's firm cheeks. Spike fought to stay up and threw the boots to the corner of the room before falling down on his knees, facing his sire.

"Can I feel it? Hold it? Lick it?"
The words stuttered out of his boy's mouth.


"Such a pretty cock you got there my sire. So thick and firm." Angelus grew even harder as Spike touched his balls, grasping them firmly.
Angelus' nails scratched along his childe's back, opening the skin and drawing blood.
Spike let out a hiss, bearing his fangs in an expression halfway between pain and pleasure.

Angelus forced him down, his thighs caught under his frame.
"Are you as tight as I remember, Willy?"
Spike fought to get loose, his legs spread wide open.

"Uhhhhn, I'd like to think so..." That's his boy, always talking; he had to think of finding something to occupy that sweet mouth with

He held his boy down, caught between his thighs as he reacquainted himself with the boy's body.
"Still a virgin, as ever."
It made him remember what he had liked so much about the boy after Dru had brought him home. A hole still untouched, that would forever heal back to the same state.

"Always... Dru's gift to you..." Spike panted, soft pale lips swollen, amber eyes hooded and hungry.

"Always my boy."
He licked over the wound he'd just opened.
"Just the way I love you."
He pushed one of his legs between Spike's, opening him up.
Spike seemed to struggle for a second, but that was easy enough to put an end too.

The weak fluttering of resistance only made him hotter and more eager as he pushed the boy's legs back with firm insistence.
Spike looked so beautiful in the light. He didn't bother to prepare himself, entering Spike without warning. Bleeding him, he wondered how he'd taste down there. The boy's expression was glorious, as was the strangled cry he emitted.
A single tear dropped of his childe's eyes. But it wasn't time for that yet.

Angelus ground his hips forward firmly as he leaned down and delicately lifted the tear from Spike's face with his tongue, letting out a low noise of pleasure.
"My fine glorious boy."
Spike seemed broken, just by the praise.
"What's wrong my boy, aren't you happy to be free again."

Spike stared at him in bewilderment.
"This isn't you." Words said so soft that a human ear might have missed them.

Angelus jerked as though slapped, going completely still as he stared down, stricken.
"I love you my boy. I love you."
Spike struggled even more, trying to get away from the words, a fresh torture that Angelus had never even considered.

"You didn't love me the last time." Spike spat back.

But he had, why else had he grown so hard fucking Dru in front of the boy, grabbing the boy while his legs were useless, fucking him dry and leaving him afterwards to heal in a puddle of his own blood.
"You always hurt the one you love."

The blond vampire shivered all over as Angelus' cool tongue traced lines across his shoulders and throat.
"Do you think this isn't me boy," another lick "or this?"

Spike let out a reluctant groan, trembling.

"So what did you do to our dear Buff?"
He kissed Spike, licking his bellybutton.

"I stopped her."
There was something wrong here.
"She's the one that figured out who you were. When you left like that. When I lost my soul."
His voice broke. What did he have to be sad about? He was free now, wasn't he?

Stunned shock: "You're still with her."


"I just don't see how you can still trust him. He's soulless, evil..."

Buffy ignored Gunn's endless tirade. It had started the second Spike had left them. It was hard enough to keep a straight face, listening to serious ranting from a man dressed like Britney Spears, only black and huge and well male.

She got back to earth and returned her attention to Wesley.
"Buffy I understand that you have feelings, that it's hard, but... right now, he's not the man you knew.

She almost snapped his head of.
"Spike was a friend and an ally, long before he got his soul."

"But..." Wesley tried to interject, looking entirely different from the by the book watcher he'd been when she'd thought she knew him.

"I trust him." She tensed up, flexing her fists as she faced the three of them.
"He said he'd distract Angelus for us, so that's what he'll do."
She stopped Wesley before he could interrupt.
"Spike'll keep Angelus away, while we do our part, finding Harmony and make her reverse the original spell"

He'd been a bumbling idiot back in Sunnydale, the man she was faced with now wasn't. He was cold, competent, she wondered if he still had a heart.

"No arguments." She turned away, heading off, forcing the others to follow. They didn't like it, but she knew they would. She was right, that's all she was sure off. Buffy wished she could just make them see Spike like she did. She prayed that he was safe, touching the cut on her hand where she'd let him drink to ensure his cover. Angel was gone now, and finding Harmony was the only way to make all of it right again.


"You betrayed me."

Spike fought desperately against his grandsire's hold on his neck as said formerly mentioned grandsire threw him up against the wall, choking him. Not that it was all that easy to struggle, when your feet don't even touch the ground and there weren't any clothes to reign in the friction between him and the older vampire. The pain was glorious, yet he knew he had to try and deny, delay like he'd promised. Angelus saw right through him. Spike wasn't sure whether to thank his luck that the poofter was to preoccupied to care.

"You're mine boy. Mine, mine to make, mine to break and mine to put together again."

Spike sputtered, fighting the urge to break out laughing. What a different tale this was from the last time they'd had this conversation. It cost him a kick in the gonads. He cringed but the old sire wouldn't let go.

"The soul's been negligent in your education boy," Spike's cock hardened as his grandsire tights forced him against the wall. "Letting you run around wild instead of reigning you in like I should have. But that doesn't matter, not anymore... no I'll teach you your proper place, even if you have to spend the next decade in chains. Maybe if you're good," his groin rubbed against Spike's. "...really good, I might even let you taste you're bitch's flesh when I stuff her through your throat."

Spike bucked under him, fighting the hold with a last burst of desperation. His head hit the poofters forehead, but unlike Angel, Angelus didn't let go, his hold only tightened even more. No air, no chance to insult the bastard's heritage; get him angry enough to kill him instead. God how the times had changed. The elevator door opened and Angelus threw him in, following right after. Spike crawled up; kicking out against Angelus, but the older vampire just took it and kicked his hands out from under him. The limited space was working against him as well, leaving him no chance against Angelus' greater physical strength.
Time seemed to slow, down as he fought to get up, as he waited for the door to open, for a chance to escape. But even this was better than the alternative, as long as Angelus kept thinking of him, kept hunting him, Buffy would be safe and the others would have a chance to save them all. Even Angel.

Ping .

It surprised him when he got away, but he didn't dare think about it, to desperate to find a way out in the labyrinth of empty basement offices. Angelus seemed to love the chase, giving him a chance to get away one moment, but showing up the next... Almost as if he was.... Bloody hell, Angelus was herding him somewhere. And unlike him, the other vampire knew exactly where they were heading. Wherever it was, it wouldn't be good for him. He stopped flat out, he'd rather fight where he stood, than do whatever Angelus wanted him to do. His urge to run was as strong as ever, but when Angelus showed himself, he held his ground.

His grandsire came out of the shadows, his zipper still undone, stroking himself as they faced off. Spike could feel every prick of light on his naked skin. It wasn't so much that he minded the nudity, Spike had little shame about his looks, and they were what had kept him alive for twenty years with Angelus. He did hate the lack of defense it gave him in a fight. The coat, the boots, they were all weapons, the coat a shield, the boots possessing metal in the tips, now he had none of those.

He didn't win of course, in the end Angelus always managed to knock him down. Spike tried to grab for his sire's legs. Angelus kicked him before he could get his fangs in the other's dead flesh.
He wouldn't give up, never, never...


Harmony was hiding in the janitor's office. She'd managed to wander off to the basement and Buffy had to grab hold of her as she seemed unnaturally fierce in her attempt to get away.
"Harmony we won't hurt you." Much.

Harmony pouted, glaring at them, at her in particular. Considering they were slayer and vampire that was no more than normal Wesley was just glad not to be caught between them.
"Is it the spell?"
Harmony nodded.
"Don't worry. I know something that will at least halt further effects from the spell."
She instantly cheered up, smiling at him with a vacant look in her eyes, expecting everything to be fine now that people were here to solve it.

Wesley took a bit of incense, calming the young vampire down enough to end the effect of her emotions on the spell. Unfortunately it also ended her silence. She started thanking him and it was only by luck that he realized it when she actually said something useful.

"The boss, he took Spike. He was utterly scary like ... like Sadam, only with real weapons and Spike went to him. I just ran."
She seemed devastated by the mere thought of it.
"He made me wish Spike's soul away. Does that mean that Spike's himself again?"

His own evil self, unsouled, something that Harmony would probably see as the perfect version of her blondiebear.

"What did Spike do?" He had to ask, hoping that Buffy wouldn't blame him for it.

"I don't know, but Angel seemed really horny for him."

Buffy stared in shock as if she hadn't even considered the possibility, "Could he...?"

"Well they are guys, Sire and childe or whatever you call it. All the big bulky ones are into the dominance thing."

"He'd better not, Spike's mine."
Buffy puffed up, grabbed Harmony's arm and left with the vampire in tow. Wesley tried to stop them, if they only did the spell, they wouldn't even have to fight Angelus. But neither of the two women seemed willing to listen. At this point he wasn't sure which it was that was running their actions, jealousy or concern. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know either.


Spike looked like a choirboy while he slept, all angelic and innocent. Angelus spent a few seconds clearing his skin, promoting the bruises on it, before he chained him up to the ceiling. His head was still facing down, submissive in his sleep as he rarely was while awake. He stood there watching him until the younger vampire woke up. Spike seemed confused for a mere second before he realized where he was.

His gorgeous boy. Two of his bruises were darkening already; with vampiric healing they'd be gone before the day was fully over. Angelus sat down on the chair he'd dragged in with him and looked him over, grabbing a pencil and a piece of paper, making a quick study of a body in chains

It was simple to explain it, Spike didn't believe in his love, so that's why he sought comfort in the Slayer's arms, even now. All he had to do was prove to his boy who really loved him, who owned him and whose blood was running through his veins.
Spike might no longer obey his claim, he might rebel against his commands, but that meant nothing in the long run. He just needed a lesson; his boy had never been a quick study after all.

"Let go of me you damn poofter!"

Spike tried to kick at him, but the way he was hanging up he wouldn't have the leverage to put any force behind it. Angelus put a quick stop to the attack and held on to the leg, grabbing it in a hold, his fangs biting in and tracing their path in blood. There was a vein there, just under the skin and Angelus drank from it with glee. Listening to his boy's screams, holding off the second leg that Spike was trying to kick at him with.

It was all part of the fun, having a boy that would try to keep fighting, gives a bit of adrenaline to it all.

He was just about to move his hand further up when someone jumped on his back, hitting him.

Harmony. He really should have just staked the bitch earlier. He threw her against the wall, facing Buffy's attack.
The Slayer had stood there for a second, stunned as she watched his boy dripping blood.

"Oh don't tell me you don't like him this way? Chained up and beaten was always Will's best look."

"You bastard."

He jumped out of the way, avoiding her first attack with ease.
"Don't tell me you've never tried it, he bruises so easily, his skin breaking under your nails... But then, that'd be above a good little slayer to enjoy wouldn't it."

She got in a lucky hit. Beating him again and again. He spat out sneer after sneer, insulting her, calling her names for stealing his boy. Taking what was his. But she didn't cry, she didn't fucking cry, none of his words seemed to get through her and he wondered what he was doing wrong.
Had she really lost her innocence that badly? Even the soul would have been disgusted at that thought.

He growled as he finally lashed out in force, hitting her against the wall. But before he could go after her, something was on his back again. Couldn't that bimbo just stay out of his way so he could kill the Slayer in peace?


Wesley stared at the sight in stunned shock. Harmony was riding Angel's back, clawing at his face, with her long polished nails. Her face twisted in its demonic reality. Buffy was leaning against the wall, getting back up after getting herself slammed to the wall.

"Harmony listen, you have to end the spell."

She stared at him still not understanding.

"The spell Harmony, end it."

"How?" Angelus threw her away. She seemed dazed as she got up again.

Wesley sighed at their impatience; they could have done this at a much more comfortable time if not for them running off like that.
"Repeat what I say damn it," and he hoped to god she followed his every word
"Let the healing power begin. Let my will be safe again. As these words of peace are spoken, let this harmful spell be broken."

A light shone in both Spike and Angel's eyes. Spike sighed in relief while Angel just stood there, staring around, at Spike, at Buffy, at everyone really. A light appeared around Buffy and she disappeared. Wesley could see her reaching out for Spike but she was gone before she even got off the ground. Spike started crying and Wesley could understand all too well to be this close to getting what you forever wanted, and to loose it all in one second. Angel just left, incapable of saying anything, even of releasing Spike. He just threw a set of keys on the ground and left.

Harmony still just sat on the ground, staring up at them.
"I'm not fired am I?"

Wesley ignored her and unbound the chains, letting Spike fall down in a heap on the floor. Gunn ran in and helped him up, taking off his own shirt to give Spike something for cover. Wesley couldn't help but look at the blond vampire who'd helped them out even after his soul was gone. Even when everyone had been ready to stake him, he'd instantly asked for a way to undo whatever happened so he could get his soul back. Buffy had been the only one who'd trusted him at that point and she'd been right.
Angel might be his friend, the champion of the Powers That Be, but he couldn't help wonder about this one. Wonder what all this might mean about souls and humanity. He prayed to god he'd never found out.


Buffy woke up in her bed. Had it been real? Had it been a dream? She didn't know.
She wondered if the phone would start ringing if she waited long enough.


Spike grabbed his coat in Angel's office, looking over the desk at his grandsire who was hiding behind his chair, still refusing to face him.
"Angel I..."
No words came. Angel couldn't even look at him, couldn't bear the hate in those eyes. He turned away, missing Spike's own pain as he did so.


"So the story ended with the lovers alone again. The children of the night gleefully reminiscing on a day of freedom, while their souls tried to forget. So what's the problem, my dear friend? Demon to demon... don't you think that the events of this day were fun?"

Lorne got up, fire behind both word and fist as he hit the more powerful demon to the ground.
Not funny at all."
He started to leave.

"So Lorne, you up for tennis on Tuesday..."

Lorne turned around to the demon pulling him up from the ground. He stared at the master of vengeance for just one second then he smiled.



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