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I don't know how it is for others. But personally when I'm working, esp. when I start at least an hour before the first other person arrives (and I'm always hoping they'll give me more time than that), I have a habit of using my cell phone fm capacity to listen to the radio while I'm working.

Most of the time I don't bother to switch stations, cause well, no time and why bother, since it's hard enough to get good reception as it is.

But today I actually intentionally decided to switch stations cause the station I usually listen to pissed me off so much.

I could tolerate the constant babbling, I don't like it, but I can mostly ignore it. (I really don't see why they keep talking on and on when what I turn my radio on for is the music) But yesterday their reaction to certain news here in Belgium made me want to smash some people's heads in.

One of Belgium's newer and larger political parties (unfortunately so) is called NVA, they're more right wing, though I'm sure that republicans would call them left wing in comparison, they seem to do that with anyone who isn't as extreme right wing as they are ;-) )

Anyway, one of their mayoral candidates for this years local elections has a history of working in journalism. The guy's switched parties a few time and ended up with NVA. Not that that part is important. What is important, is that Humo, a well known Flemish publication with definitely leanings to the left, did an article on this guy called Pol Van Den Driessche, calling him the Flemish DSK. Turns out that this guy for at least the past eight years has been sexually intimidating female co-workers.

Now Humo first started investigating the guy two years ago, when they got a reader's letter on the guy from one of his victims. Since they are reporters and don't just accuse people without proof they did a thorough investigating, finding several other women making the exact same claims. Some of them anonoymous, others not so much.

NVA's leader Bart De Wever is already a guy I can't stand, but the fact that he instantly sided with VDD instead of at least promising to look into the allegations made sure I'll never vote for the man. not that I would have before, but you know what I mean...

Esp. when the only excuse they can come up with is 'well he's a Bourgondean. (aka someone who enjoys life, good food, good alcohol and fine women)

What pissed me off about the radio station, is that the host of two of their morning shows, almost instantly sided with VDD, in wondering why these women hadn't stepped forward before. Or why they never put down a formal complaint.

Now try and think about this, this is a man with a large level of influence, so imagine what would happen if you filed a complaint and it wasn't accepted, or hell, even if it were... who's going to risk their job, and their future chances in their employment of choice, cause Hey, Belgium isn't that big...and there's only so many newspapers...

It's just... it was just one time too many where this station and this particular host ignored the problems of women and acted as if women only serve to be ogled by men.

(yes I was still pissed about that half his interview with the captain of the national women's soccer team had to do with knowing if they showered together, instead about the sport or the finale they were competing in or the match which they won btw against a major international team. or how on international women's day, they're main focus was on 'oh let's give the girl side kick some flowers, instead of actually letting said woman have the word for a change...)

Anyway, they pissed me off too much, so at least as long as reception cooperates with me, I'll be listening to Nostalgie instead. At least they focus more on playing music, instead of letting men blab on and on.

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