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Professional pride is not just for high paid professions, thank you very much

Feeling somewhat annoyed.

I followed a link yesterday night and this morning to some outsider pov fics. What can I say, I have a thing for them. And the fic was a desk worker dealing with Dean and Sam pretending to be janitorial staff while on a case.

In the fic, the pov observes them and you then get this alinea:
If he knew anything about anything at all, he would put down cash money that these boys were not here for the reason they said they were. You would have to make a game show with some pretty grand prizes to find healthy white men in their youth willing to do hard labor for under five bucks an hour. His thoughts turned to the fresh plastic liner in his pristine garbage can and the well watered African Violets. No one paid to clean did their job that well. If watching bad movies like it was his second income had taught him anything else, it was that people did certain things so they could check out a place without being noticed. The correct term was ‘casing a joint.’

The part I've emphasized is the bit that really annoyed me. I mean, I work as a cleaning woman, that means I clean office buildings. So yeah, this might be weird, but I get annoyed when people seem to think that people like me don't care about our work. It's a matter of professional pride, that and the fact that I actually like what I do for a living. It might not be what I thought I'd be doing, when I was in school, but it's a fun and respectable job, I get responsibility over my own work, get to plan how I spend my time and as long as I'm finished, and the company doesn't have any complaints about the quality of work and Idon't leave before my time is done, no one orders me around about the specifics.

I've worked on a factory line and in a kitchen and compared to the two, I far prefer cleaning.

So yes, when I see something like that in a fic, I couldn't help commenting about it. This is the specific comment I made.

"I like this fic, though I do have an issue with a particular line, which I hope is strictly a pov thing.

the bit about no one doing cleaning for a living doing their job that well...

As a cleaning woman, I must say I found it kind of insulting. I'll admit that I don't know what things are like in the US, but over here, being a cleaning woman is a good and respectable job. Maybe not all that high paid, but you still have your professional pride to do your job well, or at least as well as you can with the materials and time you have at hand. Not to mention that our inspection would get you in serious trouble if you didn't do your job well enough.
Just saying."

Admittedly, maybe I shouldn't have made a short rant like that, but considering the lack of respect tv and life occasionally shows my profession, things like these are a bit of a pet peeve for me. I wasn't really expecting much of a response to this, except maybe a 'well that's how the character thinks or whatever...

Instead I get this as a response:
"Are you fucking kidding me? Because if you aren't you need an institution. Like one will walls."
(for the record the writer deleted this after responding to my next comment, but still it didn't end here, though I probably should have just ignored the writer after this and put them on a list of people whos fics I won't be following again.

Instead I just responded with this:
why? how would you like it if someone insulted your entire profession? It's a thing.

After this the writer apologized and I figured, fine, and forgot about it, until now after work and I saw the page again, comp reloaded and the page was still open.

Turns out they added one last comment in response to their 'apology'
"Altho yer crazy."

And I just....

Is it really that crazy to point out the paragraph as a bit offensive? Or you know, to be offended when someone basically tells you that no one cleaning for a living, cares if they do a good job or not.

I'm not saying that everyone in my profession loves their job, or that they all care. (though even if they don't, they'll generally do at least a well enough job not to get complaints, which often helps when you do the little extra things like watering the plants. (not even going to start on the plastic bag things cause well that's basic every day stuff.) But we do get paid for it, so our employers expect us to do a good job, and to be told you're crazy just because you care about that... that kinda hurts.

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