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Ten thoughts

1. I don't care what anyone says. Supernatural s7 rules. Yes it hurts that Cas and Bobby died. Yes, things aren't easy. But the stories so far have been well written, characterization has been great and I love Dean more with every ep.

2. I love Juliette on Grimm. She's kind and quiet and not too overly quirky or annoying. She's smart, brave, and is building more and more of an actual character without having to be the badass chick.

3. Though I love Monroe (I mean, who wouldn't), he's not my favorite character on Grimm. Nick is. I think it's because quirky and adorable as Monroe is, he's not that rare a character. Nick on the other hand is. A kind genuinely decent guy without too many issues, who is actually the main character of the show.

I know, sounds boring right, but it isn't. Much as I love Dean Winchester issues and all, I've already got a Dean, and I love that Grimm's leading man isn't just a copy of the many troubled main characters that there are plenty of on other shows.

Nick is layered, but he's that way without being angsty about it. And when he gets all BAMF, like say when he volunteers to go into the ring to protect Monroe, not cause he's all macho, but as a delay tactic so the back up he actually asked for can arrive on time. I love it when people aren't stupid just for the sake of it, it makes them look even more bad ass when they end up having to face a guy who's killed the last six people he fought in the ring, based on nothing but knowledge of a single weakness, and sheer guts.

4. Grimm is awesome. Especially the friendship between Nick and Monroe, which doesn't even hit me as slashy.

5. Unpopular opinion, I'm not all that interested in Renard, I'm much more interested in Juliette, Hank and officer Wu, yes I'll be hiding under a rock now. But honestly, Renard interests me the most when he's being a good boss. And I have no interest in shipping him with Nick either. It's weird, because I usually like the messed up power imbalance kind of thing. Ah well...

6. I need more SPN now.

7. Once Upon a Time is starting to bore me and I've given up on Person of Interest

8. I miss Mega Upload

9. Anyone else watching Switched at birth? Bay is slow but steadily becoming my fave TV teen of all time. I can't wait to see more of her every week. And her scenes with Emmet rock.

10. Took my theoretic driving classes all of last week, and hoping to have my exam on monday so I can get a learner's permit. Anyone want to help me pray for a successful result?
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