Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I'm sorry, but I don't speak Spanish

you know what's annoying.

If you post a fic in English, every other one of your fics is in English as well. You have given no indication anywhere that you speak any kind of Spanish whatsoever . (for the record, my first language is dutch) And someone decides to review your fic in Spanish.

The same goes for anyone else responding to a fic in another language than the one the fic is written in. Unless you know the writer and know they speak another language, I don't feel it's polite to respond to a fic in a language you can't know that the writer actually understands.

That's not entitlement is it?

For the record, anyone here mind translating this review to me? Can't even say if there's any triggers in it, cause well I don't understand it. Just that the fic itself was non-con and had character death in it. (could be I'm even wrong on this being Spanish, like I said, I really don't understand what they're saying)

y que se pudra en el infierno el hijo de puta ese. al menos no convertiste a jensen en un enfermo que se enamoraba de él.

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