Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

On Once upon a time and families

Now I like this show. It has strong female characters, good storytelling, good actors, in general I like to watch it, except for one thing.

From the start of this series, this show has been problematic in regards to the idea of adoption. As if the only true family, is one of blood.

Now I like family oriented stories, it's part of why I like Supernatural so much, and why I'm so bothered by consensual wincest, but... families aren't just about the ones you're born into. Sometimes families are made rather than born, and OUaT seems to ignore that.

Starting with Henry, who clearly has no real bond with his adopted mother, wanting nothing, but to to be reunited with his birth mother. And sure, Regina is evil, and she's cold and manipulative, but she does try to care of him as much as she is capable of.

And if the show just had this one adoption, which happened to be bad, I wouldn't make a problem out of it. But then came Cinderella's story, and how Emma had to save her from having her baby adopted. Never mind that the baby was going to a good family, never mind that Ashley would be better of, having a chance to be on her own, no the family 'had to' be reunited.

Which sure, dealing with the theme of Emma's guilt about giving Henry up for adoption.

But then we had this week's ep and Emma downright states that she thinks that all fosterfamilies only take in kids for the money. Never mind all the loving people who do care about the children they take in, never mind about the thousands of people who deal with abandoned, abused and otherwise needy children...

And once again the sollution to keeping the two kids from going to the oh so bad foster home, is to find their biological father. Never mind that he abandoned them, somehow having a blood relation is supposed to make him the most suitable parent possible...

If it was one time, sure, hell, up to a point you could say it's Emma's pov and she's biased, the problem is that the show seems to be agreeing with her and saying she's completely right. And that just doesn't sit well with me.


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