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It's weird, and I might have said this before, but I'm surprised by how much I'm liking Grimm.

Now the show hasn't yet got the depth in character interactions and history that Supernatural has. But it just shows so much promise.

When I first saw this show, I thought it was just going to be yet another hero fights monsters show, of which there are and have been, well dozens or more.

Hell, the premise probably wouldn't sound too appealing, buddy cop show with monsters.

But then I actually watched it and what surprised me was how much I love the world this is set in. The one thing I always regret, both with SPN and BtVS, is that far too often, a creatures behavior, moral alignment and so on, are set not by their choices, but by their species.

The only ones that get out of that are werewolves, who are human most of the time, and the occasional vampire.

With Grimm on the other hand, each creature has their own personality and choices to make, regardless of their species. Sure, the show starts acting as if it's going to be that way. But then Eddie Munroe shows up, and it turns out that Blutbaden have a whole range of personalities and decisions on how to live their life.

From the ones who are psychotic and deliberately hunt anyone, even children, wearing red, to eat them. To those who are eager for the thrill of klling, to those who just want to live their lives and others who are determined to make sure they never harm anyone and are more than willing to help out the good guy like Eddie.

And it didn't just end with one species. Sure every species has some specifics that might ring through across the species, but... they're more than that, they're individuals.

And the cop thing which seemed like a meaningless bit of setting, just there to give Nick a reason to investigate crimes, turns out to be an integral part of Nick's personality.

He's not just a guy who fights monsters. he's a cop, a good cop, who cares about innocent until proven guilty, who wants to solve crimes and still feels that even the bad guys have rights. Even when they aren't human. They could have made this simple and just had him quietly kill the creatures who are 'bad', but instead he arrests them, allowing them as many rights and respect, as he would a regular human criminal. And God, I hope that never changes, because it's a big part of what sets Nick apart from most other monster fighters on television.

And then came this week's ep and they did something that most other shows would never even consider doing.

You know how most shows skip over character's trauma? How disappointed a lot of us were with the lack of attention shown to Dean's trauma post hell. How sad a lot of us were that we didn't get to see Dean recover from a broken leg.

In the last ep, an ogre attacks Nick in his home, trying to get him to tell where his partner is hiding. In most shows, it would have been the partner who's attacked to find out where Nick is, so he can then go all revenge heavy and go after the bad guy with full determination. Grimm on the other hand does the opposite. It has the hero attacked, while the partner, gets to be pissed off and endanger himself to go take out the bad guy.

We don't get to see the hero get himself together just in time to save his girlfriend, that's what most shows would do.

What we got instead was far better.

Nick's attacked, and the reason he survives, is not because of his skills, though he does get to fight back. But because his girlfriend comes in and saves his life, not just by screaming and getting the guy to run of. But by showing smarts and bravery. When she sees her boyfriend attacked, she doesn't try to run, she goes for the kitchen to try and find a weapon and when she doesn't get to the knives, she picks up a pot of boiling water that her boyfriend had put up just before he was attacked and throws it in the attackers face.

It's her quick action that saves the day.

And it doesn't end there, Nick does get a scene of feeling angst and talking to her about it, of how he brought this violence in their house. Where she gets to comfort him and tell him it isn't his fault, which admittedly, we get in more shows.

But then when she leaves, we get to see him have an actual flashback, show actual trauma of the attack. That this isn't something that's just ignored. And I know I've seen at least one person complain about the repetition, but honestly, I loved them for doing it. That when we then follow the girlfriend home and she's told there'll be a cop in front of the door protecting her, we get to see her reaction to the state of their house, get to see her devastation and flashback to the attack and how this affected her. She's not just there to give him angst, his pain has an effect on her, on who she is as a person.

And that was something I needed to see, because up until this point, she'd been the weak part of the series. She desperately needed some point of being there and this gives me hope that we'll be getting to that.

But I'm still not finished on talking about how great this ep was. See once again back to Nick at the hospital. While he's there we get to see his partner and his co-workers talk about the case (for the record, why does it have to be so rare to the point that I'm actually noticing it here, to have two major recurring characters of color who actually interact with one another about something other than the lead) And it turns out that the leads attack, leads to more depth for the partner who gets to feel how his past got the other victims killed and Nick attacked. Sure he doesn't get the blame, that falls completely on the bad guy, but he gets to be not-perfect too, while still being a good guy. he gets to be the one to want revenge and try and take out the bad guy. And true, he would have failed, but that would have been his choice, not something the hero did wrong.

But the show still doesn't make the mistake of having the hero jump out of his bed and go to the rescue, no, it's smarter than that. It lets him ask his non human friend, Eddie, to go help his partner. Showing his trust in Edddie to tell him where to find the trailer that holds all of Nick's information on creatures, all the weapons he inherited from his aunt, all those things that he should be keeping hidden from creatures and he trusts Eddie with that, because he has to, and because he sees Eddie as a friend. (his aunt would probably be turning in her grave if she knew*g*)

And it's Eddie, wieder Blutbaden, reformed creature, clock maker and friend, who gets to take the special weapon and save the day by taking out the bad guy... And all while showcasing Eddie, his feelings, his emotions, his reactions and whom he is, beyond Nick...

And that is why this episode shows the promise of everything this show could be, and why I'll be downloading and watching it every week. And why I hope that I'll get to watch this show for a long long time.

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