Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I need more Supernatural/Highlander crossovers and preferably ones that actually involve HL Hunters

Just read a Highlander/Supernatural crossover, which was awesome, since there's far too few crosses between those two shows, no matter how well they fit together.

But even the ones that do write crossovers keep missing the most obvious connection of all and I don't understand why...

Both shows have Hunters. In one show they're the bad guys, in another both the heroes of the show, and some people hunting them are Hunters.

Either way, I don't believe that Duncan's reaction to meeting Hunters would be all too nice, Horton took care of that. Which is awesome cause built in tension...

Yet no one uses it.

Of the few Supernatural/Highlander crossovers there are, few or no people have any of the immortals even mention Horton, or the fact that the SPN hunters way of life comes pretty close to that of Horton's hunters. I mean, Horton saw immortals as evil, many of his hunters believed the same thing, so going from that idea...there's no reason that John Winchester and James Horton couldn't have been friends, who might even have hunted together.

Sam and Dean could very easily have grown up knowing Horton as one of their 'uncles'.

Wouldn't that be more interesting than the classical, Winchesters meet immortal, and either become one themselves or instantly become best friends with these supernatural beings whom they have no real reason to trust right away?

Man, I really need more time so I could write a HL/SPN crossover that would actually interest me...

And I still want to write a Jo Harvelle/Richie Ryan story *pouts*

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