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You know what's funny. I'm far from the biggest fan of RPS, what I do read of it is mostly kink fic, esp. the alpha beta omega thing... it's a kink, don't ask. Well that or slave fic. (and ok, the occasional sci fi fantasy story, not that it matters) In other words, the more AU the better, because I don't really care about the boys as actors...

Now I've even written two rps stories, both of which fell in the slave fic category, so I'm not entirely innocent in that regards anymore.

And yet I'm still freaked out that I've been having this J2 plotbunny that I really really want someone to write for me. And yes, a big part of it comes from the reaction certain people had to Genevieve's pregnancy.

The idea is this....

Imagine the show Supernatural being about two siblings, an older sister, called Deanna, as played by Genevieve Cortez, and the little brother Sam as played by Jared Padalecki. Joined in s3, by Misha Collins playing the ambiguous demon known as Ruby. And then after the s3 finale, they need a new actor to play Ruby, and Misha gets replaced by the new guy on the set, Jensen Ackles.

By this time, Gen and Jared have been best friends for years. Neither of them is romantically interested in the other, and they see one anbother as brother and sister in real life as well as on screen. To the point that they've even lived together for a while. Jared has only been seen dating guys, yet fans keep coming up with fantasies of him and Gen together and no matter what Gen and Jared say, a sub section of the fans refuses to believe them when they say they aren't a couple.

When Jensen joins the cast, him and Jared end up dating and they both have to deal with fans who refuse to accept their relationship. Seeing Jensen as nothing more than a shock tactic from Jared to get the press' attention. Even when Jared and Jensen get married, fans still refuse to give up on Gen/Jared, not just in fanfic, but on gossip boards and so on.

I'd love to see this written from Jensen's pov as he has to deal with the fans hatred against Ruby, seeing the fans reaction to his character's death and their refusal to accept his relationship with Jared...

Yes I get weird plotbunnies, but this one mostly comes from how certain people can't seem to find it possible to relate to how things people say online might feel to Gen in real life, so who knows, they might be able to understand if they actually switched things around a bit*g*

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