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Watching NCIS

I just marathoned through NCIS s1-3 (let's just say I started watching the show after I started writing a crossover of it with X-men, that I still have to post on my lj.

Anyway, what I want to ask you guys is...

Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome this show is?

Strong female characters, women that actually interact with one another about something other than men All my fave characters on this show are female.

Kate (still mourning her), Zhiva, Director Sheppard, Abby... All strong individuals, with actual personality who can stand up to any male character on any other show.

And hey, the guys aren't too bad either. Kinda liking Tony, in the way that you like a toddler that makes you laugh even as you get embarrassed for him, and then suddenly susprises you doing something utterly awesome. McGee is the man, he's just so cool. And I even like Gibbs, just finished watching the double parter ending s3 and it makes him so much more interesting. He was a bit too perfect before that.

Jimmy is pretty cool, even though I liked Gerald better. (and I wish the show could get him back) The only thing this show really needs is more poc....

Anyway, looking forward to renting s4

Uhm, please don't spoil me k, I may be spoiled up to the point that I've read crossovers with the show before, but I'd rather not be too spoiled beyond the point I already am. (must admit knowing Kate was going to die, really had me worried throughout the first two seasons, whenever she came anywhere near danger)

Just hoping that the show's continuity stays as good as it is now.
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