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Writer's Block: It's payday!
What would you do if you had a million dollars?

1. first and foremost I'd buy an apartment. Best retirement investment imaginable as far as I'm concerned.

Preferably with a new kitchen, dishwasher and so on.

And if after that I still had money left, I'd buy a new livingroom, including a set of new cat furniture for Dru.

2. Then I'd pay for my driving's lessons, which I still have to do and possibly get a second hand car.

3. And if after that there's still money left, I'd buy a new computer with more storage space

4. and three weeks of from work and buy a trip to the US, possibly including a visit to comic con or something like that, esp. if it gave me a chance to talk to Dan Slott. I've always said if I ever met the man face to face, I'd tell him exactly how much his ASM sucks, and if I had the money, that after all the essential stuff is one of the most important non essential things I'd want to do.

And if my lack of having to pay any more rent ment I could then afford a commission, I'd use it for a bit of art, not sure by whom yet, to draw me a picture of MJ and Peter during the unmasking, with someone coming up to Peter and his wife to ask him for an autograph. :-)

I figure after all that I could probably go a bit easier money wise, since I'd lose about a third of my monthly expenses in no longer having to pay rent*g*


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90scartoonman From: 90scartoonman Date: November 21st, 2011 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
Although OMD did make me drop ASM, I do like Dan Slott, for the most part. Still, it would make my YEAR if someone won a million dollars and used some of that money to meet him face to face and tell him he sucks.
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