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706 and Law Enforcement prompt meme

I'm well aware that there's already a prompt meme for 706, only that one's focus is different

As some of you might know, I have a well... obsession with the boys running into law enforcement and outside pov. Which as you can imagine makes me really really want to read fics focused on the episode 'Slash Fiction'.

So I figured, why not make a second prompt meme, based on this episode, only this time focusing on the evil doubles actions and what effect that would have on the boys.

In other words, Winchesters hunted by the cops, recognized by the population. Outside pov on meeting those horrifying Winchester brothers and cops finding out that they're still alive.

the boys hunted, what would have happened if they hadn't caught the doubles as quickly as they did...

And since I'm sure I'm not the only Winchesters vs cops fan out there, let's leave this prompt meme open to any meeting with Law Enforcement Agencies that the boys might have, either before or after this episode...

Crossovers are more than welcome. Just imagine the BAU put on the case of the Winchester murder spree, NCIS coming after them because one or more of the victims were marines. Hell, people from CSI or Homicice, or hell any show even remotely connected to cops, finding out that the Winchesters are still alive...

Any takers?

Subject line should read something like

Character(s)/Pairing - Rating - General summary of the request

And the prompt placed in the comment

ex: Dean - PG13 - Dean's arrested

Dean never expected to be arrested over something as stupid as buying some candy, most of the cops surrounding him just want to get him the hell out of their sight and into supermax, before he kills them like the last cops that managed to take him prisoner

Anyone willing to help me spread this meme? Pretty please

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