Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I need fics for Supernatural 706*grumble*

I have a silly habit of getting annoyed when I'm tired. And I really should be finishing up my reverse bang fic anyway, instead of thinking about anything else.
(but no work tomorrow, so I should be able to write, right?)

Anyway, I've been waiting to ask for 706 fics on spnstoryfinders, but I figured I'd give people at least a week to write them, right.

And then five minutes ago, I noticed that someone mentioned a 706 comment prompt meme, which instantly had me going Yay!
(what, I was hoping for fic?)

Only when I found the page with the meme, turns out it isn't a general 706 meme, no, it's a reunification meme.

And I just.... I felt so totally utterly disappointed, like you can't believe.

Now I know, everyone is interested in different stuff *pouts*

But the whole reason I was excited about 706, was seeing the feds back after the Winchesters. And then when the ep ended with them declared dead again, I was so horribly well... disappointed with that ending. It's not that I don't get why the show doesn't want them recognized at any town they stop at, but come on, if you put them as nr two on the FBI's most wanted list, and have them make videos that probably went viral on Youtube, then you can't really expect me to believe that nobody's going to recognize them, esp. in the first few weeks after it happened. Right?

I mean, if you're going to do a comment prompt meme about that ep, wouldn't it be more interested to do one about the feds coming back after our boys. And the Winchesters attempts to evade the law? Or maybe outside pov's on people seeing them and being scared as hell. (and preferably not from characters who already know the boys)

I guess I had the same regret after 701, that there were so few if any outside pov fics that focused on the general world's reactions to Castiel's actions...

It's like people keep wanting to write fic about the emotional stuff, instead of about the meat of the episode.

I mean, emotional stuff is all cool and well, but I want to see plot, outside pov, you know things other than whether or not the main characters care about one another, which we all know they do.

Maybe I'm just asking for too much?

Anyway, if I did a 706 general hunted by the cops prompt meme, would anyone want to take part?

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