Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Rant: The great abandonment

Just annoyed with something I keep seeing, both in requests and in fics and metas and *grumble* other places.

The idea that Sam is somehow a bad guy for going to college.

Saw a request at spnstoryfinders earlier, that asked for something to have Sam made to feel guilty for 'abandoning Dean and his family by going to Stanford.

And I just... Sam did NOTHING wrong in going to college. Yes it hurt Dean, and Dean has the right to be hurt, but that doesn't mean that Sam should feel guilty over what he did, or be made to feel like he's some bad guy for going to school.

He didn't abandon anyone. He went to school, simple as that. It was his father who abandoned him by kicking him out. Now of course, John was just using the time old honored tradition of threatening the kid into staying so he could protect him. And he did keep track of him afterwards. But that doesn't take away his threat or the way it must have hurt Sam.

It would be one thing if Dean had been the younger brother and in need of Sam as a caregiver. But seriously, Dean was an adult, and older than Sam. If he really missed Sam, he should have gone to visit him at Stanford. (visit as in, actually go talk to him, rather than watch him from afar, which I'm sure he did do)

I just really wish that people would stop acting as if Sam did some horribly evil thing by doing the most normal thing in the world, aka growing up and trying to find his own way in life.

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