Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

What the hell are they thinking?

Now usually I'm one of the most pro-Union people I know. I like my union, they do good work, help you out when your employers cause you trouble and are in general a very good group of people to have on your side.

But their latest project? Seriously?

I got about two letters from them with about the same topic, and they both made me want to go to my union and make it clear just how much I disagree with them on this...

I'm with the ABVV, it's the socialist union for workers, clerks and so on, including my own department, cleaning personnel. For those in the US who may wonder, in Belgium there are about five (I think) unions based per political direction(though not party) that includes every division of labor from the bottom to the top. Which means that the same union can be shared by someone in management and someone like say me, who cleans the office. They all work together so in general if there's a strike, it's not just one part of the employment force that's on strike, but the entire factory.

Their current project though...

Apparently they want to make it so that the cleaning staff can do their jobs during the day instead of in the morning or in the evening.

Now if you don't actually do any cleaning, that might even sound good. You get to be home by the time your kids get off school, you don't have to get up too early in the morning and so on....

Until you realize what this means while you're actually working.

Now I don't know if any of you ever think about the work the cleaning staff does in most offices, and so on.

It's one thing in factories where work is continue 24 hours a day, (though even then there's hours with less interference then others) But in most offices, most of the staff comes in at a certain hour, usually between eight and nine, after which they're there and seriously in the way, until five a seven, depending on the people involved.

And when I say in the way, I mean, they're constantly going back and forth from one office to the other, getting coffee, discussing things with co-workers, and in general doing their work, which is annoying as hell, when you're trying to get a floor done. Especially if as in many offices, the path you have to clean is the only hallway that everyone has to cross to get from one side of the building to the other.

Even the people who are nice about it and try to avoid walking over a wet floor, sooner or later will still have no time to wait and have to pass through.

In fact, the first hour and a half I have of cleaning, before most of the personnel gets there is the hour I most need to do most of the actual floors and extra work offices of the day.

When I start working at six thirty in the morning (and believe me, I would actually prefer it if I could start at six, and not because I like getting up early), the first things I do is get my material, and then I instantly head over to the main passage hallway and entrance hall, and get them done as soon as possible, so they have a chance to dry before people start waddling through and leaving footprints all over my freshly cleaned floor. (seriously, if I couldn't start till eight, I'd have to do that same hallway four to five times for every person that just 'had to' pass through at that particular moment. But because I start early enough, I can head that off, get it done and have the floor out of the way, before people can piss me off. Leaving me in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Then once I've done those two floors, I move on to the offices that I have to do that day. Starting with the ones where I know the personnel involved has a habit of being in early. So I can head them off and have their offices and floors done before they get there. Once again, these people don't have the time to head out for twenty minutes while I work, and then you know, make them wait for the floor to dry.

Now there's still floors I don't get to, until after people have already started working, I do work five hours at this place, but because I get so much of my work done during the first two hours, before everyone's there, I'm in a better mood and I can work faster, because I don't have to repeat the same job over and over and over again. (and no, I'm not one of those people who can get on the mindset of thinking that once I've done the floor once, it's their own fault if they leave tracks in it and just move on... as long as I'm still in that general area, that damn floor has to be clean verdorie, or I can't move on with a clear conscience. )

So people at the ABVV, please, pretty please, shut the fuck up and stay away from my one and a half hour of peace before people start fucking up my work ;-)

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