Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Reverse bang claiming


Claiming for the Reverse Bang went fast this morning, really really fast.

I tried to make a quick claim this morning at work, using my phone, but by the time I got that far, I think there must have been over two hundred comments already.

Anyway, my first two picks were claimed before I got there, but i did manage to get my first choice in my second claiming attempt.

I really hope the artist will be ok with me, using her prompt for a sequel to a previous story of mine. I wrote this Victor Henriksen lives au a few years back, where the demons don't come for the boys in jus in bello. And I figure, since the pic is all about Victor on a case, and hunting, ithat it might be nice to make this a continuation of that one. Showing Victor becoming a Hunter after he tries to find out what happened in the first fic.

Still a bit sad taht I didn't get the Sam and Dean and a kid prompt, I was so hoping to do a 'Dean gets to raise Bobby John' fic for that one.

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