Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just watched the Secret Circle

And was pleasantly surprised. And not just because I hadn't realized it's Thomas Dekker's new show ;-)

The characters seem interesting, and could be easily developped. And it's nice to see a show that so easily passes the Bechdel test without even trying.

Only remember two names so far, but that's nothing new, I suck with names*g*

The ep suffered a bit from first ep syndrome, which pretty much most pilots suffer from. (hell, the only show I know that didn't and was awesome from the pilot on was Pushing Daisies and I don't expect most shows to be that awesome right from the start*g*.

Cassie seems like she'll be an interesting character to follow, and I liked that not all the witches are girls. this makes it less a symbol for a girl thing and allows for more leeway in how witchcraft is used and/or shown in the series.

Wondering if anyone knows any communities for the show yet.


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