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Top Ten Scifi shows of all time

Recently trystan830 Put up a post about Newsarama's Top Ten Scifi shows

Since I disagreed so much with their list, or well just about over half of the shows that made it on that list, I figured I'd make my own list of the top ten Sci-Fi shows.

10. Doctor Who
9. V (the original)
8. Star Trek: Deep Space 9
7. Quantum Leap
6. The Outer Limits
5. Twilight Zone
4. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
3. Babylon 5
2. Farscape
1. Alien Nation

And for the record, Alien Nation is still and will always be my all time fave Sci-Fi show of all time, no matter how short a time it ran. It was everything science fiction is supposed to be, aka the exploration of a modern topic in a science fiction context. And I've never seen a show that did what it did, even half as good.

Hell even my aunt who usually doesn't bother with anything fictional, loved this series.

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