Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Storm at Pukkelpop costs five lives and 71 people injured

There was storm weather in Belgium last night, it started a bit before five and got pretty bad at specific locations. One of them was Hasselt, which at the time was the location for an annual music festival called Pukkelpop.

One of the smaller drink tents collapsed, along with several sponsor boots.

Many of the tents at the camping ground collapsed or were pushed over by the winds and hails.

As of now, five deaths have been confirmed, at least two of which were teenagers.

My sympathies for the relatives and friends of the people who died.

I just remember thinking at the time, that the weather was annoying as hell, because I was at a Weight Watcher's meeting and the room used for the weigh ins almost flooded, so they had to move the scale and stuff to the meeting room.

That and being wet from driving through the weather, since I left without my jacket to go to my last job, because it was sunny up to right before the rain started up.

Compared to the small discomfort we had to deal with, even including the flooded basements and stuff people in my street suffered from, it's nothing compared to what the family members of people who were at the festival had to be feeling, since most of them couldn't be reached. The cellphone network being overloaded with calls at the time.

The festival was canceled this morning, even though it was supposed to go on until Saturday.

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