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Let's do the introduction game

This is my brother Maarten.

Maarten is 28 years old, he works as a producer for television and radio and he's damn good at his job. He's a great guy, though rather annoying at times. (I'm his sister, I'm supposed to get annoyed by him, anyone else bugs him, I'd tell them off ;-) )
He's a pest, a pain, and I love him dearly.

He's cute, he's fun, he knows his job. He's a great boyfriend and a wonderful friend.
Unfortunately girls he's gay and last I heard he was dating.

There isn't a single person in my family that I'm more proud of. And I wish he came home more often.

Maarten is the first time I was actually confronted with homosexuality. I was at my aunt's place, when he first came out to the family. He was talking to her about it and how normal my dad had taken it and my first thought was, he's joking, he has to be... cause I'd never expected it from him.
(my father apparantly did, but that's a whole other issue ;-) they still get along pretty good though)

He's soooooo ... normal.

That's the point actually.

Being gay is not a disease. It's not weird, or freaky or evil. It's not sinful, it's not wrong. It's just a part of life. Like liking people with blond hair, or having blue eyes.

I love my brother, my brother is happy, thus I'm happy.
That's all I wanted to say.


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