Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Supernatural ep 618

I haven't had this much trouble watching an ep... ever.

oh the video quality is great and the download went without a problem, nothing wrong there.

I even have the time, and Dru isn't giving me any trouble either...

So why do I have such an issue with it.

Every time I try to watch it, every other scene, Dean is making himself look like an idiot and I got to stop watching. Because I can't stand it. I utterly despise it when a character I like is made to look like an idiot and it's even worse when it is because of the characters own actions.

I don't like Changing Channels, I didn't like the French Mistake and I can't even bare to watch Frontierland. Embarrassment squicks are like that.

Why is it that American shows have such a love for having characters make fools of themselves? Personally I much prefer the occasional joke here or there over farce....

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually be able to watch for more than two minutes at a time, but for now, I'm giving up...
Tags: review, supernatural

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