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Being Human(UK) s3

I'm going to post a little ramble, that's been going through my mind. 

I've seen a lot of people judge Nina or Annie harshly when Nina informed the police about Mitchell. When Annie wouldn't help him escape. And I finally think I figured out a comparison that would explain why they did the exact right thing. And why Mitchell did the right thing in making George kill him. 

That comparison is simple.

The supernatural world in Being Human is like the catholic church. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am catholic and I definitely don't mean any offense to my own religion,but it's the best comparison I can find, so let's go with it, shall we.

As people know, the catholic church has been suffering from a lot of scandals dealing with pedophiles using the church to hide in, to commit their sins and get away with them.

Vampires are like those pedophiles. A lot of these men and women may even think they want to stop, but like those pedophiles who feel guilty, but don't genuinely get themselves away from children, who don't get treatment and don't take responsibility for their actions, Mitchell allows or tries to allow, the supernatural world around him to hide his actions. He lets other vampires cover up his sins. He tries to move on with his life, tries to abstain from his sin (murder), but time and time again he falls right back into bad habits and people suffer.

And like those priests who try to cover up the pedophiles sins, by covering things up, by pretending nothings going on, for the good of the church. George has been covering for Mitchell. He's been allowing himself to get corrupted by his own inaction. He barely spoke up when Mitchell killed Lauren, he didn't do a thing when Josie gave her life for Mitchell. He knew about Box Tunnel massacre and didn't say a word.

And he did it to protect his friend, because 'speaking up would harm them all'.

Just like good priests get corrupted when they don't speak up against the crimes of some of those amongst them. 

Nina is the voice that says 'enough', 'we can not keep quiet.", 'the victims are worth more than reputation'.

So she reported, like many good people do when they find that a priest is doing something wrong. And like many of those who dared to speak up against the abuses in the church, she's villainised for this. "How dare you threaten the church", "how dare you risk the secrecy of the supernatural world'. It pretty much comes down to he same thing.

The secrecy is more important than the lives of the innocent that get destroyed every day.

And it's here that Annie and Nina speak up and say: "No"

The secret is not more important than that. We must do the right thing, we must speak up and stop what's wrong, because how can we continue to be good people if we do not?

And it's Mitchell's moment of redemption when he realizes that he keeps falling in the same pattern. When he tries to halt his corruption of his friend, of the church, by saying "I must stand responsible for my actions", "I must be stopped, and you have to be the one to do so"

Because it's only when the church (aka the supernatural world) stops covering up for the crimes of the few, that all can be redeemed.

Hoping this makes sense.
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