Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Genderbending in J2 fics confuses the hell out of me

I need someone to explain something to me.

I don't usually like J2 fics, though I'll wade into them if they're AU, or when I'm going through the spn kink meme. (I'm weak, what can I say).

But going through that last one I keep seeing requests and fills for something that well... baffles me, to put it quite simple.

Genderbent J2.

I mean... genderbent fictional char fic isn't really my thing either, but at least you can take that the character still stays the same, it's just their looks that change.

But with J2 in these kink memes, even if you assume you can get any character out of them with interviews and stuff, most of what little we know of them, is completely ignored in either prompts or fills. So all you have left of them is their name and their looks.

So why in gods name would you remove even the looks part of that equation?

What do these genderbent RPF fics still have to do with Supernatural at all?

They no longer look like Jensen and Jared, they sure as hell don't act like them and they're not in the situation that the actors are. So really all that's left is an original char called Jennie getting fucked. Which might be what some people are looking for (not really me, cause I prefer my girls to be on top), but I just don't see why people ask for it on a spn kink meme, when there's just no connection whatsoever with the series left?

If you want one of the J's with an oc, why not just ask for said J/OC fic? Or hell, pair them up with any of the random actreses who were on the show, the char you're asking for has just about the same level of connection...

Can anyone explain this one to me?

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