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"Dream Show Bible" meme

You post a comment on this entry.

In return, I will give you a list of seven actors. (I may look at your profile for a refresher on your fandoms, so consider this a perfect time to update your Interests section!)

Then YOU will go back to your LJ and do a quickie show bible. The show bible includes:

A one-paragraph blurb on what the show is about (like you get in TV Guide)
What character each actor is playing (you don't need character names, but you do need a description
For extra credit, a sketch of a plot arc or two OR a couple of two-sentence teasers for first-season episodes.

seriousfic  had to make it hard on me ;-) and gave me the following seven to work with

Mischa Collins
Julie Benz

Joe Mantegna
Thomas Haden Church

Norman Reedus
Jamie Chung

Donald Glover

I don't know if anyone would want to watch this show, but this is what I came up with:


The Dark:



Jamie Chung as Lisa Wu

A biogenetics grad student. She’s smart, inquisitive, has a dry sense of humor but is very mature, very sure of herself. She might seem arrogant, but she makes no claims she can’t fulfill.

Donald Glover as Steve Lautner:

Med student, gentle, quiet, a bit insecure, but overall a good and sweet guy. He just broke up with his boyfriend of three years and isn’t yet ready to get into the dating scene

Julie Benz as Dr. Theresa Martins

A professor with doctorates in biology, genetics and physics. She’s a certified genius, but considered a bit of a loose canon because she won’t just fold when people try and tell her to do the smart thing and give up. She's a bit eccentric, very adventurous and can kick ass like the best of them.

She becomes a mentor figure for both Steve and Lisa as they discover the truth of the world around them.


Joe Mantegna as Mister Black

An enigma from the start, mostly shows up hidden in shadows. He’s ruthless, cold and very human. Yet very set on keeping the supernatural world a secret. His ultimate plan starts out unknown.

Norman Reedus as Darian

Starts out looking to be little more than one of Mister Black’s henchmen, until it’s revealed he’s a vampire. He’s funny, hot and a bit mysterious and is very protective of his childer, even the rebellious ones like Steve. He’s mostly working for Mister Black to keep his people safe. But none of that stops him from being very dangerous. He turns out to have lead the attack on Lisa’s house that put John in a coma.


Misha Collins as John Dall

Sweet dependable guy who turns out to have a few secrets of his own (recurring at first mostly in flashbacks then more as the show continues)



Thomas Hayden Church as Ben

Father of three, happily married who gets turned into a werewolf and doesn’t dare go back to his family until he’s cured. Recurring.


Premise: Two college friends discover a conspiracy to keep the world from finding out about the existence of supernatural creatures when their professor Dr. Martins is captures by the agents in charge of the conspiracy.


Ep 1: Dr Martins is kidnapped, Lisa and Steve try and find out what’s going on. The bad guys led by the mysterious Mr Black (played by Joe Mantegna) try and scare them off through an attack on Lisa.  Since Lisa isn’t at home, her boyfriend John Dall(played by Misha Collins) is hit instead, leaving Lisa wondering if any of it is worth it.

Ep 3: Lisa and Steve manage to find the place Dr. Martin is being held captive, just as the good doctor is trying to escape. They fuck up one another’s plans and all of them get captured.

Mister Black is about ready to kill them when one of the bad guys with him (played by Norman Reedus)  suggests an alternative . Why not give them a stake in keeping the conspiracy a secret by infecting them.  The bad guy in question is a vampire called Darian, and he’s clearly interested in Steve. Steve who is gay, is still creeped out by the vampire’s interest in him. He’s terrified as he’s turned. He’s already changing when Lisa and the Dr come to his rescue, begging them to kill him, they refuse.


Ep 5: Steve is dealing with being a vampire and runs into Darian who tries to seduce him into the vampire lifestyle. Lisa on the other hand gets the news that her boyfriend just woke up out of his coma and when she’s at the hospital she runs into the victim of an animal attack, Ben (as played by Thomas Hayden Church)

It turns out that Ben was attacked by a werewolf and Dr Martin and Lisa try to find a way to help him, while Steve has to keep the conspiracy from finding out about him so they can either kill him or force him into silence.


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