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Being Human US ep 112

Just watched the latest ep and it annoyed me.

The US version of Josie, aka Selene (I think), just seemed too young to me, but I could have let go of that one.

What really kinda pisses me off is that they didn't allow Sally to get Annie's crowing moment of awesome from s1.

You know, when she faces Danny, tells him exactly what she's living together with and then tells him the secret that only the Death know. Scaring the living shit out of him.

In the US version on the other hand, he doesn't get to be nearly as creepy as he was in the UK version and worse than that, Sally isn't the one to scare Danny, Aidan is. The scene became all about Aidan and Josh taking retribution for her sake, instead about her regaining control of herself and her life.

Sure, she gets to be the one who chooses to let him live, but seriously, the moment doesn't have nearly the power that the scene in the UK version did and that's a real dissapointment.

I might actually like that they no longer blindly follow the original, but seriously, if they had to copy one thing from the original, that scene should have been it.
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