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Some spoilery thoughts on spn

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Supernatural two major bad guys at the moment are women :-)

You have Raphael with his all new female Vessel. And you have Mother, who's also wearing a female meatsuit.

It's interesting, kind of, that the archangel is wearing a black woman, while the mother of monsters is wearing a white girl. (and yes, Raphael's Vessel did look more like an adult, while Mother's Vessel was shown as young as possible, I'm pretty much convinced the poor girl was even out of her teens).

I do kinda hope that Crowley's possible return will be only in flashbacks. (I can also accept a short meeting with him in Purgatory) It's not that I hate the guy, but... I'd much rather see the boys face off against Raphael and Mother, than have Crowley return and beocme the main bad guy again. (what can I say, I have a gigantic soft spot for tough female villains and I really want to see the actress playing Mother to be given a chance to show she can act in more than one small scene that barely gave her an opportunity to show any skills. )
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