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Just some more thoughts I had while watching Smiletime:

I liked Nina, the actress was pretty good.
(a whole lot better than the actor playing Lawson last ep)

Oh Angel just got changed in a puppet
He's soooo cute

Fred: " Angel you're cute" in a totally surprised tone of voice
I just loved how she was obviously fighting the urge to start

Love that puppet

Nina is definitely a hell of a lot more likeable in this ep than she
was in her first. I still wish they'd shown her in a few more eps,
before suddenly showing attraction between them. It's sooo...

Gunn, what the hell are you doing, you were fine as you were damn
it. Poor stupid Charles... Everybody knows this can't come to any

One weird thing though, if you just look at the ep, then Wes/Fred
might seem ok, but the weird part is that little or nothing of it is
actually warned in advance, both for Nina/Angel and Wes/Fred.
It's like Edlund didn't bother to watch or read about the rest of
the season before writing the ships part. The chars talks about
signals, yet both ships come as out of nowhere.

Not that it's a bad ep. Actually it's a real good ep, and I don't
usually even like the funny ones. But the ships are weird when
you've actually seen the rest of the season.

Anyway, the Spike scene is pretty good. Though there should have
been more of him in the ep. And I can't believe I'm saying this,
but for once, Angel's actually likeable.
Poor puppet Angel, scared that everyone's gonna laugh at him.

Why do they have to turn him back?
I want more Puppet Angel damn it!
I actually like the puppet.

Hugging Fred awwwwwwww
So cute.

Love the fight with the other puppets. They're great. Love the
voices and looks of the puppets. And I couldn't see any glaring
errors. (everyone else will probably point several out, but for what
it's worth, I didn't see any)

I could ship Nina/Angel, she's a good actress, she looks good with
DB and she doesn't annoy me. Great accomplishment.
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