Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Snog Marry Avoid

Just watched a rather over the top make over (well make under) show called Snog Marry Avoid.

And this could be just me, but...

Even though I think the people involved looked better with less make up, and more normal clothing. I felt... not sure how to put this, uncomfortable is the best word I can think of, with the whole idea.

The show basically took those extravagant people, who admittedly were fashion disasters, and blanded them up. It felt like the people doing the make under didn't even bother to consider the people's involved's personal style.

Now admittedly, it felt a bit like a parody, but even then...

Don't get me wrong, those people desperately needed help, but there's a way to make people look more natural, without taking away their entire personality from the way they dress.

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