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My Yuletide recs for the year :-)


Voices in the Deep
As they begin their search for Belgarion's son, Errand has a very special task awaiting him in the caves of Prolgu.


Did Dexter love his brother, even though he tried to kill me? But who the fuck am I to say that he shouldn’t? I mean, look at me, for fuck’s sake. I love Dex and he’s... well. I don’t really have a fucking clue what he is.

Season 5. Lumen has spoiled Dexter, and now he's jonesing for real interpersonal connection. This is two scenes between Dexter and Deb – one taking place midway through the season, and one after it's all over.

The Way
The way Lundy finds a killer

Fantastic Four

Unusual Counsel
Sue leaves. Doom acquires. Hilarity ensues.

The Hunger Games

This is Why We Fight
Some days, it feels like everything left in the world must be an echo. With his children learning about the Games in school, Peeta has to decide what stories he will tell and what stories he will keep to himself.

Here's the smell of blood still
Thirteen things that Haymitch remembers, and twelve things he'd rather forget.

Let it all burn
AU. Katniss survived the Games. Peeta didn't. Takes place during her first Games as a mentor. (Assumes no Quarter Quell.)

Fish in a barrel
You've trained your whole life for this moment: The moment when you rise into the arena and cheat the odds. The Sixty-Fifth Hunger Games are about to begin.

In that way
The kind of things that would make no sense in real life often make perfect sense in dreams.

I'll know my name as it's called again
Set during final chapter of Mockingjay. Katniss and Peeta return to District 12.

The dead are all living
A building full of memories of the Games and the war seemed a horrible idea to Katniss until she sees it as their book come to life and something too big for what it holds to be forgotten.

Light across the water
They're both broken, she thinks. Once they were both so strong, but Finnick and Katniss are now like marble statues that cracked into hundreds of pieces. They've been painstakingly glued together but the slightest nudge and they'll fall apart all over again.

By the fourth day, I've decided me and Haymitch are building a bomb.

Two of us
Without even seeing her, he blocks her way. (Madge hates just as quietly as she loves.)

Achilles Heel
Finnick’s Games. The ones he plays in, the ones he wins, and the ones he’s still a pawn in ever after.

The Incredibles

Of Capes and kindred spirit
Did Edna design Syndrome's costume? Most probably not. But maybe she did? Or maybe not. But if she did? Say for instance...

Joan of Arcadia

Our real work
Joan Girardi egging a car isn't exactly an unfamiliar scene.

Telling Tales
In times of deepest darkness and fear, sometimes the most important thing at all is to know that you do not stand alone.

No Ordinary Family

See how they rise up
JJ Powell is sixty-one years old today. And there is nothing left of him. Except his power.

Greater than X, less than Y
Some things can't be calculated or graphed. This is one of them.

Man from Earth

When a man lives for 14,000 years, his memories become nothing more than drabbles.

Marvel Adventures: Avengers

Match Game
Matchmaking: Avengers style.

The Princess and the Frog

"When you ready to take your destiny, boy, you know what to do."

The thing about good food
Naveen has every intention of learning how to cook. Tiana has no intention of letting him near her new kitchen.

Raising Hope

See Sabrina write
Sabrina dispenses advice to baby Hope about her future. It does not include anything about wearing sunscreen

Ultimate Spider-Man

Party of Two
It's Johnny's birthday, and he wants to hang out.

Valdemar (Mercedes Lackey)

One True Way
Scenes from a Valdemar that never was. (Or: the one where the Companions are evil.)

Errors in Judgment
A Companion's Choice is not a risk-free process.

The Walking Dead

Status Surviving
Two weeks before the world ended, Glenn had finally gotten on Facebook. [Post episode 6, with spoilers.]

Ten Gallon Lies
It had something to do with the stupid Stetson.

Young Dracula

Young Vampire Slayers in Love
Chloe grows up and becomes a vampire slayer, but when Ingrid offers her a challenge, she can't resist.
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