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pictures2words fic: Tempering the Blades - Me myself and I
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pictures2words fic: Tempering the Blades
Fic Title:Tempering the blades
Fic Author:Liliaeth
Artist:mattheal, her artpost for her amazing drawing of little Sam and Dean can be found here
Characters/Pairings:Dean, Sam, OFC, (also appearances by John, Zachariah, Alistair, Anna, Meg and Gabriel)
Summary:Heaven and hell had their own destinies planned, one problem with that, they didn't foresee CPS getting involved.
Warnings:mention of child abuse, both suspected and real
Betas: mattheal, dollarformyname and runriggers, Thanks so much to all three of you and to spikes_heart for sticking with me as I kept asking you to read through bits of the fic, even though she's not really into reading spn fanfic

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5


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