Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

just gift-wrapped all of the Christmas presents I've managed to buy so far. That's pretty much everyone's except for three people, aka my two godchildren and my own godfather.

Just hoping they'll like their presents.

Ffion's gift is going to have to wait a bit, Nele won't be in Belgium til February, so I should have some time. I did arrange with mom, that she'd take some money with her to England when she leaves this week, so that Nele could buy the kid a gift for her birthday and Sinterklaas. It would be a lot easier for me, if her birthday wasn't in December :-)

She's turning three in little over a week.

Still can't believe that Bart is over 16 already. It was only so shortly ago that he was born and I visited him every day at the hospital, to sing a song to him.

"Je hebt iemand nodig,
stil en oprecht,
die als het er op aan komt
voor je bid of voor je vecht.

Pas als je iemand hebt
die met je lacht of met je grient
dan pas kan je zeggen
ik heb een vriend"

It's a Dutch song. Even after my aunt was allowed to take him home, whenever I'd come by or babysit, which happened a lot, I'd sing that song to him. I think he must have heard it dozens of times in that first year.

Don't know if he even remembers it ;-)

As for my uncle, I'm doubting between lottery tickets or extra credits for his cellphone.

Aside of that, my Pictures2Words fic is coming along nicely, you know, aside of the ending that doesn't seem to want to happen just yet. 18.882 words so far and I still haven't even started on the ending. I suck at keeping fics short.

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