Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just something I responded to this post:


You do realize how stupid that kind of statement you're trying to make,makes you sound right?

Marriage is a sacred union of love, no matter what form that love takes, as long as it is between two (or more) consenting adults.

My brother is gay, he has a physical relationship to express his love for his boyfriend. That is beautiful. To see them together is beautiful. And seeing as how we live in Belgium, if my brother feels the time is ripe, he and his boyfriend have the legal right to get married.(it's a constitutional right even) And if they did, I'd support them with all my heart. Because they love one another.

I'm a godfearing christian.
I studied to become a highschool religion teacher and if any of my students had asked about it, I'd tell them that love is gift from God. That there is nothing wrong with love, in any of its forms, even the sexual forms of it (as long as it happens between two or more consenting adults)

Don't make a fool of yourself and stop this bigotry.
Marriage is love.


Is that out of line?


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