Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Why I don't like drag

I don't like crossdressing in fic, or drag as a Halloween or entertainment thing in real life. Not because I don't think it's sexy or funny, I don't, but that's a personal matter instead of a value judgement.

My issue with it is simple. I find it insulting.

If it were up to me, men should be allowed to wear dresses and skirts and whatever.I'd prefer it, if they wore stuff that actually looked good on them and didn't add fake breasts, but they should be able to wear it. In the same manner that women are now allowed to wear pants and suits. As a normal part of life.

Crossdressing and drag denigrates that. It basically says that socalled 'women''s clothing is inferior or 'funny' or 'weird' or 'fetish' like.

It's like people dressing up as stereotypical Indians because it's exotic and weird. If people wore traditional Native American clothing (and yes, I'm well aware of just how huge a group of different styles I'm talking about, there's dozens if not hundred of tribes, all with their own styles and traditions), it shouldn't be because they're trying to dress up, but because they find the clothing in question attractive.

If a man wants to wear a dress, he should be able to do so, without pretending he's a woman. (unless we're talking about a man who identifies as a woman and is merely trying to express their appearance in the manner they identify mentally. That's different cause those are women who just happen to be born with the appearance of a man. Not their fault and if they want to look like the gender they identify with, then that's their business.

But when you've got a frat boy dressing up as a girl, because it's funny, then he's basically insulting women. He's bringing himself down for a moment to be 'the other', not because he wants to identify with them or know what it's like to be a woman, but because he's mocking them, because he is 'othering' them.

Sorry, I'm bad at expressing myself on these kind of matters.

I just find it wrong that we live in a world where 'female clothing' is somehow considered inferior to 'male clothing'. Where it's ok for a girl to wear pants, cause she'd be rising up to a male level. But if a boy wore a dress, he'd be making a fool of himself.

Kinda like how a girl who became a mechanic is seen as rising up the ladder, but a boy who wants to be a homemaker is often looked down upon, 'because that's not a typically male profession'

It's all in how we express ourselves to the world, do we say that the positions of males and females (and whatever gender you identify yourself as) are equal, or is there a ladder where one is just a wee bit superior to the other and if one on top of the ladder pretends to be the other, then it's 'funny'. or mockworthy like pretending to be a dog, something that can't be taken serious.
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