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Marvel Adventures Spider-Man: 7

Can I just say how much I utterly and absolutely adore Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man. Not only is it funny as hell, which is a great plus, but it feels like the real Spider-Man, a million times more so than the idiot in ASM.

I know, some people might think that the dislike against Carlie is because she's not MJ. But honestly that's far from the reason. All I need to do to be certain that I could see Peter with another female char, if she were only written well, is reading Marvel Adventures.

I positively adore Chat Spidey's mutant talking to animals girlfriend in Marvel Adventures:Spider-Man.
She's fun, she's awesome. She's understanding. She supports him and respects him, and isn't afraid to take him down a notch or two when needed, but is in general supportive of him, both as Peter and as Spider-Man. She's independent and has a life of herself beyond dating Peter and I actually wouldn't mind reading a series with her as the main character.

And unlike Carlie Cooper, she's all those things, without anyone ever needing to tell us that she is. Because the writer bothers to show us her having those qualities.

The only reason I wouldn't want to see Chat in the regular Marvel universe, because I fear that her awesome might be ruined if she fell in the hands of some of the people currently writing regular Marvel. That and the negativity.

Also, another thing I love in MA, Captain Stacy is still alive, and knows that Peter is Spider-Man. And Peter knows he knows. This leading to a great moment where Peter's at a discussion on mutants and aside of the anti-mutant demonstrators, there's a bunch of guys that make Peter's spideysense go off. Instead of just trying to take them on himself, he heads up to Catpain Stacy and tells him there's something iffy about them.

It's nice to see Peter behaving so... responsible, so understanding that not every problem is best dealt with by beating up some people. That sometimes it's best to give the cops a first shot. In this, Peter's in high school, but he's not a loser. He's a good kid, bit of an underdog, but he doesn't fail at everything and isn't just a moron who brings trouble on his own head..

Not that this Peter's perfect, he's a fifteen year old kid who on occasion messed up. But never in a way that makes you wonder how this idiot is even still alive.

Anyway, I'd recommend this spidey series to any comic fan who misses the real Spidey.

All that and this week's comic managed to involve Wolverine, without having him either overtake the issue, or wearing out his welcome.
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