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Just read the last three issues of Ultimate Spider-Man and it once again proves that USM is far superior to ASM at the moment.

You know why, because Bendis for all his flaws, dares to take the characters places they've never been. And not only that, he does it in a way that's believable and feels right.

I still can't believe that he had JJJ find out that Peter is Spider-Man and above that, decide to exonerate Spidey from the crimes one of the Chameleon twins was committing under his name and all this without revealing Spider-Man's true identity.

I like that he doesn't go for the clichés, that his aunt May still knows that Peter is Spidey. That Carol Danvers is head of SHIELD and that she too knows who Peter is. Honestly, ultimate Spidey sucks at the secret identity thing*g* I'm pretty sure that by now, there are all that many people who don't know*g*

And hey, I don't even mind the whole love triangle, square, whatever with Peter. He's a kid. Kids are allowed to move from one relationship to the other. It's what being a teenager is good for. That and Bendis actually bothers to write every single female char with an actual personality, rather than making them a cardboard pastiche who just bores the hell out of anyone forced to read about them.

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htbthomas From: htbthomas Date: November 3rd, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for reminding me to read it!

And yes, all the things you said are why I read USM and not ASM anymore. Sadly, it's now the only Marvel title I read - all the others are cancelled or changed too much. :(
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