Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

No surprises here

My Political Views
I am a left social libertarian
Left: 7.5, Libertarian: 4.11

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -4.34

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: -6.77

Political Spectrum Quiz

Don't know how I got so far on the libertarian side of things though, since I'm pretty pro-regulating the market and so on. I just don't feel that government should have any say in moral issues, since well, in a lot of cases, morality is something personal. And something that might be normal for me, might be offensive as hell to someone else.

Like they say, I may disagree like hell with what you're saying, but I'd give my life to defend your right to say it.

Or something like that

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