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Small ficlet: Partytime

Title: Partytime
Rating: PG15 slash
Summary: Spike's thoughts prior to seeing Angelus in 'Why we fight'
Notes: With thanks for the betaing of the German to Mistress Alistra

"No my sweet Willy, the moon stands high today. Miss Edith is having a party and there's no boys allowed."

"Free Virgin Blood Party. Be there."

"So why do all the virgins look like Goebels?"
Something stunned him, no chance to escape.

Then nothing. 
A dark cramped place, with the sound of footsteps passing by. Heartbeats running fast. Spike tried to get  up, hit his head. Cramped, no place to move Where was he?

"Achtung, sie sind gefährlich!"

Light, a face looking over him, too slow.
Something hit his arm, out again.

That same face again, hitting him, sleepy, ... so sleepy...

Then the face didn't come. No more sleepy eyes. Spike turned over. His head hit the wall.
Hurt, blood, hungry...
Voices right next to his ear..
English this time.
"Get those Krauts somewhere out of the way, we have to get the sub under controll."

"Nein, bitte, nicht dort! Ich flehe sie an, nicht dort hin!"

He slept again.

It was still dark when he woke up again. He hit the walls, they were strong, no response, again. He had to get out of here. Too dark, too cramped. Hitting the ceiling, again, again, till it gave and he got out, taking a deep breath he didn't really need. White shirt, linnen pants, so suited for the warm Madrid nights, so unsuited now. The place was covered in shadows.

There were two more boxes, he didn't care. Just get out, get out of here. All around him was metal, metal... and blood. He stared up into their horrified faces, staring at him, tied up as they were.
Easy prey and he was so hungry.

Krauts, he liked that coat, he grabbed the least bloodied of the two, stole his clothes, pants, shirt and coat. They fit a bit large, but it had looked so fine.

Something beating the walls. His true face still on. He opened the lid, the vampire in it sitting up and staring up at him. Big, darkhaired, no Angelus.

Not a single thank you.

The second one, Balls his breath stank.

They were still in the same cramped space, three of them now.  He didn't even look back at the corpses in the room, not even at the naked one. Someone at the door, slam it open, get out... but it opened first.
A face, human, came running up to the screaming in the room just earlier.
he smiles, grabbing hold of the snack's neck.

Has to get out of here. Has to be free. And they're all so tasty, so well fed, no garlick in their blood. Like those damn Spaniards. And all of them so so scared. Better them than him.
Cause they're still trapped.

He sneers at Nostroyev's open appraisal of him. Glad to be hiding behind the thick leather coat. Knowing the other sees him as weak. Avoiding the Prince of Lies. He's one of them, they're like him, Nostroyev pushes him against the wall, he pushes him off, Nostroyev accepts it, for now.

But how much longer.
And the humans scream so nicely.
He licks his lips after eating the captain, bit too old for his usual taste.

The door locks him away from the rest of the humans. Stays closed. He needs to get away from Nostroyev, before he gets turned into a playtoy, distract him with the humans, tasty humans. Have fun.
And get out of here, before Nostroyev starts looking interesting.

He's standing there as the door opens, ready for the humans to try a last and futile attack. Facing up to him, Angelus.

He's saved.


"So did you have a nice chat with daddy my sweet Willy"
He stares at her, not even wondering how she knew, of course she did.

"Yeah luv, we had a party."

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