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Some TV watching

I just watched the second episode of Raising Hope, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the second ep was as good as the first one. We got to see more of the entire family (and reason to wonder how the hell poor Jimmy ever survived his childhood)

I love this family, how they come together and cousin Mike wasn't in it, which was a definite improvement. I like the idea of Jimmy taking his daughter to work with him and then the police showing up to tell him why this is a 'really really bad idea'

The poor guy is so clueless.

I also watched No Ordinary Family. And for a first ep, it was ok. I love Julie benz, and I'd have watched almost anything with her in it. But the charactes were well set. The focus was a bit too much on Micheal Chiklis character, but other than that, it's a nice little show. Now just to see what they do with it and hoping it won't get as boring as Heroes did.

Waching Chuck, the one thing that surprised me most is how much I've come to like Morgan.I remember when I first watched the show, I thought I was going to skip it, because the character of Morgan annoyed me so much. It was my dislike of losers talking again, so... I think this was about the same time that Reaper was on, and had that really annoying guy called Sock on it. And I thought it was going to be yet another case of a show where we were supposed to think that losers were 'funny'

Yet despite my worries, Morgan has slowly become one of my favorite chars on the show. I think ti's because the show has allowed him to grow. They didn't force him to stay into loserland and let him grow up, become competent and be someone you'd actually want to know.

That moment where general Beckman makes Morgan manager of the CIA run Buymore was awesome. It even made up for having to tollerate Jeffster again.

And oh yes, I might not be in Chuck fandom, but I'm totally seeing where Casey/Chuck shippers are coming from, totally.

And last but not least, the two shows I was most looking forward to this week.

Supernatural and Dexter. I love both shows. And I loved the season opener of both. But I think I need to wait for the next ep of both to see if I want to do any reviews.

Two things I will say, I love Dean/Lisa and can't wait to see what creepy grandpa Campbell is up to. (and hasn't anyone written any fic yet where grandpa Samuel finds out about Cas yet?) and two, I'm glad that the show let Dexter admit to himself that he really had loved Rita. That it lets him mourn her in his own way. To me, Dexter was never about the killings, if it were, I probably would have stopped watching a long time ago. It's about the bridge that Dexter has to build between himself and the world. The way he deals with emotions, or his lack of them and his attempts at fitting in, and I'm glad the show didn't forget that and instead focussed on it.

It also seems that Quinn is stepping into Doakes role as the one suspicious of Dexter and I personlly really like that. Especially since Quinn is actually going about it in a way that actually makes him a threat to Dexter.

Doakes, much as I loved him, pretty much ruined any chance he had of proving that Dexter was up to something, with the way he behaved. I mean seriously, taking those slides out of Dexter's apartment?. How the hell was he ever going to prove where he found them, even if he had found a way to use them as evidence.

Or going after Dexter on his own. Even if Dexter hadn't overpowered him, and Doakes had managed to take him in, all Dexter would have to do is say that Doakes kidnapped him. After all Doakes himself touched those garbage bags, putting his finger prints on them. And when it's Doakes word against Dexter, it doesn't help that Doakes had been acting like a psycho in public.

Quinn on the other hand, dirty cop that he may be, goes about it in a logical manner. Looking for evidence, and then sharing that evidence with others so that they know where he's coming from. It's going to be a lot harder for Dexter to discredit Quinn than it was to discredit Doakes, and I love that.
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