Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

True Blood 312

I don't normally watch True Blood, got scared off by the accents in the opening ep. But I just watched the season finale and well...

Much as I didn't understand half that happened,with Russel and Eric and Bill. And the whole Godric thing.

But I did really like Sookie. She seemed more interesting, than you'd think after all I've heard mentioned about her.

Tara and LaFoyette (sp?) seem really awesome. And I actually liked Jason. Maybe it's cause he was awesome in this ep, but I worry that from what I've seen before he's usually shown to be rather stupid, so I don't know how long my liking for him would last.

But I think I'm finally understanding why people like Eric so much. He's awesome. Bill though, him I can't stand.

Might actually have to download previous eps, don't know.

Don't get why they didn't just hand over Russel to the cops though.
Tags: review, true blood

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