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The Gates ep 107

so Karen vs Claire... definitely werewolf vs vampire

I love the two of them working together to help Sarah. It makes the cattiness of before seem more interesting. And both of them trying to protect a mutual friend, or even earlier at Sarah's party, with Karen at least trying to be friendly to Claire for Sarah's sake...

It makes her character better, more multidimensional really.

I also love that for all Buckley's faults, he really is trying to help his people. Not sure if I trust what Vanessa said quite yet, but...

And Andie, oh poor sweet Andie, finally able to talk to someone about 'being different'. I love how Brett figured it out and tries to help her, even if his interest isn't entirely selfless.

Nick and Dylan's friendship also seems to be going along well. And it speaks well of them that Claire would stand up to him as she did. Most of all, what she told him, about how Buckley really wasn't asking for all that much, considering the trouble they could be in, actually makes a lot of sense.

When the series first started, I worried about Dylan, about how he seemed to dominating. But was the series moves on, it's clear he really was just trying to protect her and Claire has as much of a say in their relationship as he does. That makes me like their relationship a lot more.

I also love how Devon is developing, she has her humanity, but at the same time she's manipulative and somewhat evil and that's great. She's working up to be a great villain, can't wait to see what she's planning.

I think one thing I really like about the Gates, is how the female characters, truly are just that, characters. They have their own storylines and their own feelings and interactions. Their lives aren't just about supporting the males in their lives.

I could be wrong, but I'd say that this is one of the few shows that genuinely passes the Bedchell test, both in spirit as well as in action. And I really appreciate that.

The more I see of this show, the more I want to be sure it'll be renewed, we need more people watching, that's for sure.
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