Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I just got a call from my aunt.

Frans died.

Frans was well... he was the father of my uncle. (aka my mom's sister's husband, in case that matters to anyone)

And in a way, I guess you could say he was like a sort of grandfather to me :-(

When I was a kid and I'd go stay at my aunt and uncle (who are respectively my godmother and godfather (though unofficially in uncle Herman's case)), we'd usually visit them. Hell, I think I visited with them more often than I did with my actual grandmother.
(what can I say... Moeke Buntjes and Frans were always more welcoming than Bommeke was, guess it had something to do with the fact that mom had us four, before Bommeke was truly ready to be a grandmother. Moeke Buntjes never had that issue. It used to be that we'd visit and most of the time Gert, my uncle's nephew. (aka the son of his twin brother) would be there as well. He was only slightly younger than me so we tended to play together.

Even as I grew older and visited them less often, they still remained important to me. And now I wish I'd been by more often in the past year. Thing just is that though we were worried about Moeke Buntjes who's been in the hospital repeatedly, I just didn't expect to lose Frans this soon. (even though we knew his health in some way was worse than Moeke Buntjes'.

Funeral is next week Saturday. Thank God the post I have on saturday is closed until after I come back from my vacation in England next month, so I don't have to ask for a day off to go.

Not sure how to react to this. Definitely sure I have to go visit Moeke Buntjes as soon as I have the time. Probably on Thursday. This is just too soon.

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