Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Two things

Just thought I'd remind people about this and hoping people don't mind.

But more importantly, does anyone know how to put a second link at the top of your livejournal?

I recently started a reclist at delicio. Any fics you think I should add? Need to refind some fics I read before I started up the list, so I can add them.

More importantly and personally...

work stuff...

We heard a few months ago, that the cleaning company I work for lost the contract for my biggest post. (not sure of the word in english, place you're hired to work at). Basically losing this post would mean a loss of 23 hours a week. Which is over half my hours.

Luckily, the law says that the new company taking over the contract has to take over the contracts of the people who have been working at said post for more than six months.

So I should be secure about my hours for at least half a year. I just hope they'll be happy with me. Was a bit worried at first, since they plan to do less hours at the same post, which means that they didn't have the hours needed to spread amongst the employees. (which means economical unemployment) But turns out that over four of the thirteen employees decided not to move over. Which could be a good thing, in that we will get the needed hours. (and with a bit of luck, I might even get more hours, who knows.

Now to find out what kind of a firm ISS is and whether I should be scared about working for them or not.

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