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Supernatural 522: Swan Song

I just saw an ep coda to 522 and someone commented to it with something that just plain out ... pissed me off. I thought to respond to the comment, but honestly, that wouldn't be polite to the writer of the fic, so I didn't. But I still felt I had to share my annoyance.

So hence, this post.

Comment: "In the end, it;s all about Sam and Dean and damn everyone else."

Reaction from author:"Unfortunately, the show is built around a solid foundation of selfishness and neglect."
Reaction two:"They should have named it 'The Sam And Dean' show if they were going to pull this shit."

My reaction

But... that's what it's always been. And I'm saying that as a Dean/Cas shipper, it's the main reason I liked the show to begin with.

It's about two brothers who loved each other...

Much as I love Cas, I never did and never will assume that Cas could ever be in any way more important to Dean than Sam is. And the other way around. It's what makes the pairing interesting to me, that Cas may not be the central part of Dean's life, but he's still a part of it, is still important. And part of Dean's reward for passing the 'test' is that he gets Cas back alive and now Cas can go try and help 'his family'. But that doesn't mean that Cas will be gone forever. It's not the end, it's a beginning.

Dean cares about Cas, Cas cares about Dean and now they have an open world of chances.

And oh yes, if God/Chuck brought Cas back, there's no reason to think he couldn't have brought Gabriel back as well...

Side thought, if Chuck really is God, then well... that kinda changes something about his first meeting with the boys, doesn't it ;-)
Think about it, Chuck said that he had to be God and then apologized to the boys for what he put them through, so hey Dean, you did get an apology from God*eg* You just didn't realize it.


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