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Fic:: Out came the sun (1/1)

Title: Out came the sun
Author: liliaeth
Prompt: I want Jessica to find a home with the Parkers. I'd love to see her and Peter form a strange brother/sister relationship. I'm fine with her being paired with any of the supporting cast, but gen fic focusing on Jess is fine too.
Word Count:2152
Characters: Jessica Drew, Peter Parker, aunt May, Johnny Storm, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson
Warnings, if including any non-con/dub-con/etc.: not really
Notes: deals with transgender issues
Summary:She's a boy in a girl's body, yet oddly enough, that isn't Jessica's biggest problem.

It had been seven months, thirteen days and five hours since the individual currently known as Jessica Drew had existed. It had been slightly shorter since said Jessica Drew realized two things. One, he was not Peter Parker. Two, he was a clone, and three, he was a she.

That last one oddly enough, was not the most shocking of the three. Nor was it the most shocking thing that had happened since those first initial true memories. Memories that belonged to this body, and not to the person Jessica had been cloned from. Clinging onto the name Jessica, somehow made it easier. Meeting the real Peter Parker was like a shock hitting her in the face, making it clear that no, he never would be Peter and he was a she. That last bit was important, so he clung to that as well. He was a she now. She, her, Jessica…

That’s what would define him. Her. She closed her eyes, clinging to that thought, her, she, herself, Jessica and not the small but smart bundle of energy that was currently stretched out at a hospital room at SHIELD recovering from some supervillain’s blast.
Jessica sat on her chair, staring at her hands. Fine hands. Delicate almost. They hadn’t changed that much. Yet these hands could still bend steel, could still hold a car over his/her head, long enough to save anyone underneath it. Like they’d done when she’d saved Peter, the real Peter, earlier.

He, she, definitely she, wasn’t brave enough to look up and face the woman in front of her. Jessica wasn’t brave enough to notice that smell, that same perfume that aunt May, that May had always worn for as long as he could remember. As long as the real Peter had been able to remember. It wasn’t hers, not really. May Parker hadn’t said a word to her since Mary Jane had introduced them to one another. MJ had looked as embarrassed about it as Jessica was.
Peter’s friends were around. Johnny Storm, some kid called Bobby, Gwen, Kitty and Mary Jane of course, always Mary Jane.

Jessica had barely been able to hold back a blush. Part of her still loved MJ, always would. It was deep inside of her, that feeling. It wasn’t hers, but it was there, that need for this girl, as strong as the need to breathe. And yet, it wasn’t hers, even if Peter had run away from it, for some reason he/she couldn’t quite figure out.

She, remember that, he tried. It didn’t quite work.

“So wait, you’re Peter, a Peter.” Jessica rolled her eyes at the currently black haired beach boy. The idea of a simple switch in hair color fooling anyone was so stupid, it might actually work. “But you’re a girl!” Except if he kept making stupid remarks like that. It was a dead pan shout out yelling: “Johnny Storm is in the house.” Please save me already.
Not that it helped. “Man, Pete, you make one damn hot girl.”

Yes he did, thank you for noticing the obvious. “My name’s Jessica.” She insisted instead as she held her head up high forcing herself to face Peter’s friends for the first time since she came in. Facing Peter had been easy compared to this. Jessica, her name, her, she… she had to keep ramming that in, until the square hole she’d been pushed into, was rounded out to her new self. He had to earn that name, even if only to make himself real, finally. And he really wanted to kick that look off of the flame brain’s face. Just because he looked like a girl, didn’t mean that he actually was.

“Doctor Richards said you were a … clone of Peter.” It was the first thing aunt May said to him…. Her. Jessica stayed put and gave a quick nod, before looking down again as she pulled up her legs and shivered.

Her voice trembled as she spoke: “Reed said that Peter needed bone marrow and I’m a perfect match.” It was the only reason she’d dared to show up like this, intruding in his life again. She of all people should know how he’d feel about ‘that’.

May knelt down in front of her and placed her hand on Jessica’s, blocking Jessica in place. Her lip trembled, her every nerve tensed up. May’s hand moved up to her face and lifted her chin, their eyes met. Jessica’s heart was racing in her chest, underneath small breasts that didn’t feel like they belonged there.

“Thank you.” And then aunt May pulled her into a hug and Jessica couldn’t help falling, tears escaped his/her eyes. It didn’t last, but for a few seconds it was possible to imagine that it had all been a bad dream, that he’d just woken up from a wacky nightmare after a midnight snack and aunt May was telling him it would all be fine, just you wait and see.


Jessica held on to her backpack as she stood in the doorway of the home she remembered living in, but had never actually entered. That’s when she saw him leaning up against the door. Peter. He didn’t seem too happy to see her either. It was mutual.

Oh it’s not that he complained, much, when aunt May told him Jessica was moving in with them. But she knew herself well enough to recognize that twinge on his lip, or that hidden glare in his eyes. She’d seen them often enough in the mirror to know he was freaked.

She tensed up, so did he, two spidersenses reacting just in time to get out of the way as Bobby and Johnny came barging through the door. Gwen grabbed her hand and pulled her along up to their bedroom, leaving the boys to their games. Jessica wanted to go down and play, but she was a girl now, right?

Johnny smiled up from the bottom of the stairs, he’d offered to take her bag for her when she first arrived. She wouldn’t trust him with a peanut, let out her few meager possessions, except maybe her life. Bobby didn’t even seem sure what, if anything, to say. It was all so… domestic, enough to drive anyone insane.

Jessica fell almost headfirst into the camping bed May had bought for her. She’d mentioned something about getting a real bed for her later. For now the one that was there would have to do. Jessica barely kept from blushing about sharing a room with Gwen. Gwen was like a sister, but still a girl and Peter … Jessica couldn’t help looking at her as Gwen lay down on the bed.
“It will be fine.”

It didn’t work.


The principal didn’t even blink when aunt May brought her in. “Let me guess, another of your ‘nieces’ who needs an education.”

“Sister.” May corrected him. “She’s Peter’s sister, his twin. She’s been missing for years.” That made him hesitate. “We found out about her during the rescue efforts, her blood results matched Peter’s so…”

“Really?” The man’s fingers were almost drumming on the table, as If he was holding back his words.

“Well it’s either that or she’s his clone, created in a secret government laboratory by doctor Octavius in order to create a new kind of supersoldier based on Peter’s DNA.”

"Let's go with sister." he was quick to respond.

They filled in some forms, and before you know it, Jessica was sent out to go join the school. Jessica allowed herself to be pulled along in the flow of the mob as first period let out and she was standing in the middle of the hall. He wanted to jump up and run of, but that would ruin the secret. Her, not him. Sometimes he came so close to thinking of himself as a girl, and then something happened like hearing a joke, or watching a cheerleader go past and it was like some part of his mind told him to react a certain way.

It was weird seeing some of those girls he’d fantasized about before and realizing that all he noticed was how shrill their voices were. It was almost like every feeling he had for girls was a memory, something unreal. He still loved MJ, but he no longer wanted to kiss her. She not he, it was so hard to remember sometimes.

Inside, underneath this girl’s body, there was still the boy that remembered thinking like a boy, feeling like a boy, being a boy. Being Peter. And he/she couldn’t do that anymore. Because thinking like a boy, meant thinking he/she was Peter and she wasn’t. She really really wasn’t, except for when he was.

Seeing a girl’s face reflected in the mirror reminded her once again. She still had the same eyes, the same nose, her nose had always been a bit girly, same with the lips. Gwen had offered her some make up earlier, but it had felt weird to even think about it. She feared she’d feel ridiculous, like a boy playing dress up. She had to get in the habit of thinking of herself as a girl, for her own sake, as much as everyone else's. Quick pain, get it over with. Not like anyone would treat her as a boy. Well she could always tell people she was transgender, But this was high school, and having Peter’s genes, made her enough of a freak that she didn’t need to stand out any more than she already did.

She’d grabbed one of Peter’s hoodies out of the laundry that morning, instead of going for one of Gwen’s shirts. They were far too tight for her tastes, gave her no cover to hide under. It had been easier on the streets, no one judged a runaway who didn’t want to show her body. Who cared if a kid wore five layers, it just made her look younger than she was. Not that it stopped all of the perverts from trying. And no, she wasn’t even opening the hornet nest that was the costume.
Bell rang to warn for next period in five minutes and Jessica slipped through the crowd down to her new locker. Not that there was anything in it yet, but she wanted to know where to find it, before she moved on to class. Her bag slipped open and her pen bag fell out. She knelt down and almost missed her spidersense warning her for someone coming behind her.

“Yo Parker, Heads up.” She turned around in a second and grabbed hold of the ball before it even came close to her face.

Flash stared at her, eyes wide open. “Whoa, and who are you?” It seemed as if the world shifted from underneath his feet and Jessica could see him take a few steps back. His attitude changed as if she went from prey to possible conquest. But remembering all the wedgies the guy had ever given him, had given Peter, did not exactly incline her to think favorably towards him.

For crying out loud, she didn’t look that different!

But just as she was about to beat the crap out of him, or at least get in his face, Peter stepped in instead. She glared at him, but Peter didn’t let that stop him. Damn it, Jessica knew she wasn’t a damsel in distress, she didn’t need a rescue. In fact, being the new one here, she didn’t even need to bother hiding her abilities that much. After all, no one knew she wasn’t supposed to be able to kick anyone’s ass. For all they knew, she was a black belt in whatever martial arts she could come up with. She'd lived on the street, she was sure she could milk that as an excuse for a few more years to come.

“Stay away from my sister” he hissed. All big and macho, like Jessica had wanted to be. She was about to tear her hair out at the idea of it. She just raised her arms and walked off, without saying a word. Too pissed to even yell at Peter for taking this away from her as well. This had been her chance to beat the crap out of Thompson, without anyone knowing. Peter ran after her, yelling “Jessica”, and for a moment she refused to even listen to the name. But he caught up with her anyway.

“I can kick his ass myself, Pete.” She growled as she pushed him to the wall.

“Yeah, well. I just… I know. I just..” She nearly cracked the wall when he hit the bricks once more. “I’ve never had a sister before.” Was all he finally got out.

“Be careful big bro, people might start thinking you actually care.”

He didn’t answer, but he didn’t have to. She wasn’t even sure why.

the end
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